Commissioner Logan's heels click against the green marble floor as he walks the Corridors of Justice. It's the only marble on Utopia 14, an orbital habitat suspended in the upper atmosphere of Venus. Where the temperature was mild and pressure was light, Venus was a paradise. But not here, not on this so-called Utopia.

Logan pauses, as all cadets do, to superstitiously touch the plaque bearing the words of the 61st Amendment:

"Existance rights for Unhuman persons and those who commit Unhuman activities have been revoked."

Logan lived by that sentence and knew, with certainty, that he would one day die by it. He entered the briefing room. They still stared, even his deputy, at his right arm before turning away with shame.

"As you are aware, the main concentration of those who maintain a significant deviation from the ideal human geonome are to be found here, on Utopia 14. I hear the cadets call them "punks"?"

"They do sir."

"I have reasonable evidence to suggest the presence of three of these "punks" on Utopia 14. Naturally, I've informed the CCTV squads."

He leaned forward, bringing what remained of his right hand close to his deputy's face. He had been trying to fire his pistol at the assailant when he realised far too late that his attacker, Jack Springheel, was a biopunk. He let the table guess where metal ended and flesh began.

"And I hear that in spite of all your so-called efforts, you didn't notice that one of these "punks" would have had to escape from a high-security orbital prison? None of this 18-hours a day surveilance, it's round the clock! How hard can be to spot, the freak's got springs for feet! Now capture that psychopath!"

Utopia 14 is an RPG inspired by classic dystopian fiction.


Standard RPG protocol is assumed.


C Division/Police

The duty of the Police on Utopia 14 is to uphold the 61st amendment by exterminating all those whose genome differs from the accepted standard. Only C Division have access to firearms and Lenses. A Lens is a glass real-time net uplink providing live data feed to the contact lenses worn by C Division staff. Information provided notably includes sequenced geonomes.

Commissioner Logan

Formerly the active head of law-enforcement on Utopia 14, a run-in with Jack Springheel's nanobots fused his service pistol to his right hand. Although technically an Unhuman, Logan has been able to keep to his job, although he was forced out of active service in favour of his deputy, Atwood. As he was originally born on the lower-gravity world of Mars, in "the kind of town that kept Stephen King in business," Logan is slightly taller than the average. Logan wears the traditional black suit of C Division or a spacesuit for external work. His main weapon is still his pistol, though the sight of it revulses him.


Unhumans exhibit substantial differences from normal humans, either due to technology or genetics. Earth's ruthless police service hunted most down, but the survivors fled to the rest of the solar system. Although the average punk just wants to live alongside baseline humans, they will fight the law if they have to.

Jack Springheel

A disqualified former doctor arrested for performing back-alley gene-splicing, Jack Springheel is easily the most dangerous man on or around Venus. He was formerly baseline but punished for his unlicensed surgery by having his feet removed. On the verge of insanity, he tried to bioengineer replacements but ended up with springs of cartilage. Insane at last, Jack went on a beserk crime wave, trying to steal the parts for a new gene splicer. The Commissioner stopped him from stealing an analyser but was on the receiving end of Jack's nanobots. Jack was, until recently, imprisoned on the orbital station for dangerous biopunks.

Bill Sterling

Former politics blogger and journalist Bill Sterling found himself out of a job when non-government websites were shut down to prevent Unhumans from communicating. Using his neural implants, he became a cyberpunk, distributing pass keys for secret, democratic networks and leaking hacked information taken from C Division computers. He can mentally interface with most operating systems, rendering the computer-controlled police cameras, weapons and vehicles useless.


Renfield is something of a genetic anomaly. He is hypersensitive to electromagnetic fields, and as such is incapable of using electronic devices, which tend to short-circuit around him. Wearing a home-made spacesuit to protect himself from dangerous current levels, Renfield prefers to reside on the quiet, outer edge of Utopia 14. He has replaced most necessary electronics in his vicinity with equivalent spring-and-steam based devices, leading many to refer to him as the "Gremlin".

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