Mental's Characters



  • Name: Deadpool
  • Nicknames: "Merc with a mouth"; "Merc".
  • Identity: Wade Wilson
  • Class: Mutated
  • Powers: Regenerative healing factor; peak human strength (800 lbs.); super agility, reflexes, and stamina.
  • Abilities: Expert marksmen, hand to hand combatant, and swordsman.
  • Weapons/tools: Two katanas; two sai; hand grenades; two hand guns; AK-47; and throwing knives.
  • Alliance: The Acolytes

  • Name: Hyena
  • Nicknames: "Laugh-a-Lot", "Smiley"
  • Identity: Abaddon Msimangu
  • Class: Mutated
  • Powers: Sonic laugh, super strength (6 tons), night vision
  • Weapons/tools: Steel coated claws, sharpened teeth with extremely powerful bite pressure

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