You are a member of the Lethal Protectors, an organization dedicated to protecting ladies, children, and other innocents from creeps, scumbags, and perverts in some not-so-peaceable terms. So unleash your inner Guardian of the Innocent and sharpen your blades to join the Lethal Protectors!

(Note: The name Lethal Protector is taken from Marvel's comic line, "Venom: Lethal Protector".)

Create a character

Your character is a human, but may have superhuman or inhuman attributes if you'd like. You must include the following information:

  • Code Name:
  • Gender:
  • Weapon(s):
  • Powers/Skills:

Any other info, such as real name, age, appearance, personality, and background, are optional.

You MUST have a weapon or weapons. You can have as many as you want (and is practical. Don't have a bazooka attached to your wrist or twenty swords strapped to your back or anything like that.) Try to be as creative and deadly as possible. Think about what weapon you would most like to kill someone with if they harmed the people you love most. Violence is of course allowed, but keep it PG-13; about as much as it gets in the Redwall books.


Obey Wiki Protocol: No swearing, no insulting other users OOC, no violence above PG-13, no vulgar speech, etc. Those are things perverts do, and if you do those you will be considered a pervert and promptly attacked by the other users. (JK just don't do that stuff.)

Remember, all other users are your allies, so don't kill each other.


Most of the enemies we face are just random criminals and perverts that you are allowed to slaughter, beat up, or apprehend at leisure. Every once in awhile however, a big bad will show up to test your skill and courage.


The Joker

LP File Photo: The Joker

  • Real Name: Unknown
  • Powers/Skills: None, but he is a criminal mastermind and a skilled fighter.
  • Weapons: Acid guns, exploding rubber chickens, razor-cards, bombs, machine guns, knives, and various other weapons.
  • Minions: Clown-themed thugs and crooks with same weapons as Joker.
  • Villain type: Crime Lord
  • Universe: DC
Mr. Sinister
Mr. Sinister

LP File Photo: Nathanial Essex alias Mr. Sinister

  • Real Name: Nathanial Essex
  • Powers/Skills: Energy blasts from hands and forehead, regenerative healing factor, genius-level intellect, superhuman stamina.
  • Minions
    • Arclight: Vibrational blasts on solid surfaces
    • Harpoon: Energy-harpoon projection
    • Blockbuster: Superhuman strength and durability
    • Vertigo: Creates vertigo-inducing waves
  • Villain type: Evil genius supervillain
  • Universe: Marvel

More Bosses to be added later....


There are three main bases: A large hovercraft, an underground lair, and a fortified castle-like building. You may choose any of these to start at. All three have portals to each other.


Normal missions will be assigned by Avenging Angel (aka Silva). Boss missions will be assigned by me.

  • Prep Mission- Drive away the bullies. (Complete)
  • Normal Mission 1- Rescue the hostages. (Complete)
  • Boss Mission 1- Operation: Joker
  • Normal Mission 2- Defend the damsel in distress.
  • Boss Mission 2- Operation: Sinister

Lethal Protectors

Dark Vengeance

Dark Vengeance

Real Name: Unknown

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown; between 18 and 25

Weapons: Two katanas; a dozen knives; several contractible round throwing blades; knife blades strapped to arms; 12 foot long razor wire whip; grappling gun; needle-gloves; bladed boots; tear gas grenades; box of needles in belt.

Powers/Skills: Ninja-like reflexes; can run very fast; is a master of swordsmanship, blade-throwing, and unarmed combat.

Appearance: All clothing is black and indigo. He wears a hooded cloak with a face mask and glowing night-vision eye covers. He wears light bullet-proof armor, boots with retractable blades, and gloves with retractable needles. He wears an all-purpose belt that carries some of his weaponry.

Personality: Mostly quiet and introverted. He has a dark sense of humor. He is in love with a girl whom he will protect above all else.


Note: Whichever of Spider-man's costumes are on this User's avatar, that is what costume Spidey is in.

Real Name: Peter Parker

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Weapons: Webbing

Powers and Skills: Super strength (able to lift 10 tons), super agility and reflexes (15 times more agile and reflexes 15 times better then the average human), adherence to most surfaces, "spider sense".

Personality: Trustworthy, responsible, resourceful, and a fun-loving wise cracker, Spidey always helps out wherever he is needed. He loves to irritate villains with a few well placed one liner, and is fairly intelligent when it comes to taking out baddies he can't subdue just using his powers. He knows that along with his amazing abilities he has a responsibility to protect innocent people, from not so innocent villains.

Sin Waster

Real Name: Unknown

Gender: Male

Age: Early twenties

Weapons: Scythe, Colt Anaconda, several sheath knives, razor-edged hat, throwing knives, baseball bat, dual pistols, a machete, noose, a hook, and anything that can become an improvised weapon

Abilities: Very high endurance, quite fast

Appearance: A tall individual who wears a dark brown trench coat. He wears a blowtorch face mask. His razor-edged bowler hat rests upon his head. Wears a pair of leather gloves so he doesn't leave fingerprints. The gloves have built-in brass knuckles. Wears army boots.

Personality: Could be called quiet, intelligent, a little strange, and takes his justice out in a bloody manner. He has a hobby of collecting masks. He tends to be a bit of a lone wolf.

Look Up

Real Name: Magnum Sentinel

Gender: Male

Appearance: Tall with an athletic body-build. Has deep, glazed hazel eyes. Has a somewhat prominent brow. Aquiline nose [not too big]. Dark brown-black hair. Wears a long black duster coat, black military boots, and sunglasses.

Weapons: 2 ultralight .44 Magnums in cross-strap waist holsters. A falchion sword which fits in a sheath on his right boot. 3 fragmentation grenades and 3 flashbangs on his belt. A Walther WA 2000 sniper rifle slung across his back. His coat contains many handy things - such as lock-picks, skeleton key puddy, a S&W divers knife, super-glue, an Apache Pistol, 2 boxes of caltrop, and 4 molotov cocktails.

Abilities: Very intelligent, master of hand-to-hand combat, and has a reaction time of 0.03 seconds.

Age: 35

Personality: On the mission, he's quiet and stone-cold serious. Only once in a very rare while will he feel the urge to show humor. In normal life [or just around his peers] he is genial but serious. He has no preference as to what means he uses to subdue an enemy, though he often goes for a non-lethal approach when he can.

Horus Primarch

Gender: Male

Age: Older than you think

Appearance: Wears black DEM armour and has a morphed falcon head, but he can still talk. Doesn't wear a cape, because capes are bad (heroes can get killed by their capes, if you've seen The Incredibles!) His head is the only part of his body visible.

Weapons: Two 6-foot claymores made from the powerful Wrath asteroid, electrical claws attatched to each metal-covered hand that retract into his armour when wielding claymore.

Powers/abilities: All Star Wars Force abilities such as the Force-jump, Force-push, Sith Choke, and Sith Lightning, plus a sunlight-absorbing rod attached to the back of his armour that blasts lightning from the head of the rod, which looks like a satellite dish.

Personality: A ruthless killer who only relishes in murder.

Background: Bred for battle. He came, he saw enemies, and he conquered them.


Real name:Galen Marrick


weapons:Two lightsabers, one black, one silver, though he will change the crystals at times. two clawed gauntlets like the Prince's in the 2008 Prince of Persia game. An M4A1 SOPMOD style amped up galil assault rifle(with the infrared, silencer, M203 grenade launcher, laser pointer, and flashlight and a true scope as well as thermal and holographic instead of red dot), two nickleplated Colt M1911's, two ballistic knives, some C4 and Semtex and frag grenades. And a galil sniper, and a Vulcan Mini-gun(which he uses rarely, as it is hard for him to carry it) as well as a three bladed field dressing Enif, which includes a knife blade, a saw blade, and a gutting blade, along with his pet wolf Banshee.

Powers/skills: All Light and Darkside force powers, including the ones from the Force Unleashed games(repulse and a few others) the lightning and visible force energy are purple-ish. He is extremely quiet when he moves especially on the hunt, earning him the name hunting wolf from an Indian. He is very accurate and well versed with all weaponry.


Appearance:About 6' 2". He has jet black hair that goes slightly over his eyes. When not working, he wears typical blue jeans, and a thick, long-john type shirt with the sleeves rolled up to right beneath his elbows, along with a baseball-style hat and terminator-style sunglasses. When on the job wears a gray hooded vest which is buckled in the front, a face mask over the lower half of his face, so only his eyes and a bit of his hair are visible when he has the hood up he also wears a dull gray long sleeved shirt which the sleeves can be rolled up with no trouble underneath the vest. His eyes are an amber yellow. He wears combat boots and loose light-ish black combat pants. Depending on the mission environment he changes his outfit. he has blackened steel arm braces over his triceps.

Personality:to hard to explain, but enjoys a good hunt, but likes to relax with his pet wolf Banshee.

Background:when he was born his mother, still to young to have a child(it wasn't her choice to have him...)put him in front of a couples house. they raised him out of compassion until he was two. They were murdered and he was kidnapped. Taken to a so called "orphanage" which was really a testing facility, he was abused continually. After he was helped to escape by the facilities cook (who really turned out to be his mother) when he was five he ran into the woods after his mother was shot by the workers. He was found by an Indian descendant and raised and trained by him till he was 21. after he left the old man he found Banshee trapped under a tree branch when he was a puppy, he helped him out of his predicament and the wolf pup followed him continually. He began to protect people who couldn't do so themselves, earning himself the name: Guardian.

Avenging Angel

Real name: Unknown, (“It’s just “Angel” to you”)

Gender: Female

Age: 20

Nobody knows what she looks like, or who exactly she is....yet. All you ever hear of her is her voice over the intercom or in your headset, telling you where to go, the description of the bad guy and his victim, all that. All anyone knows is that she once was a victim of a perverted jerk, so that’s why she joined the Lethal Protectors, to help other girls in the same situations. She has a sassy, sarcastic way of speaking, and has a southern accent.


Real name: Unknown

Gender: Male

Weapons: Sword molecularly tuned to cut through most substances; semi-automatic sniper rifle; electrified glove

Age: 17

Powers/Abilities: Extremely intelligent, master of anything to do with electronics, communications, etc. Has computer processor integrated in his brain and various bio-augments throughout body.

Appearance: Tall, pale, and not particularly athletic; can handle his various weapons well enough. Wears a dark green hoodie and jeans. Sword hangs in back scabbard with rifle. Bottom two fingers on right hand are missing and replaced with adaptable computer interface.

Agent 491

Gender: Female

Weapon(s): AK-47

Powers/Skills: Awesome agility and accuracy

Vertigo Shadowdeath

Gender: Male

Weapon(s): grim reaper scythe, small machine gun, AK-47

Powers/Skills: Super agility and strength, master of disguise

Other Info: Has a Dogo Argentino called Baby


Real Name: Unknown

Gender: Unknown

Age: Was created at the dawn of time, but he is the only one who knows that

Weapons: Hidden blades

Powers/Skills: Telekinesis, energy blasts, can change form of body, electricity from the charges used to power a weapon with limitless power that have become stuck in his body

Appearance: He wears a gas mask on his face. His whole body is covered with a stretchy, black clothing that fits tightly on him. The black clothing has lime green markings all over it.

Personality: Quiet and wise


Real name: Dr. Uric Delinard


Weapon(s):Anything that he can get his hands on, but just in case things don't turn out well, he has a grappling hook(which can be used) and a knife.

Powers/Skills: Can turn invisible for as long as needed (the bad thing is his shadow can be seen, hence his name) and while doing so, he profits the time to grab anything he finds useful.

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