Finally, the Spartans come to Adviction and show us their power in a new RPG: Thermopylae.

For those who don't know about Thermopylae

The year is 480 BCE, the day August 7. In the sweltering heat of the Thermopylae pass, 5,000 Greeks, including 300 Spartans, wait for the Persian army that has come down from the Hellespont to conquer Greece. The Persians had lost to the Athenians ten years before, but now, under the new Great King Xerxes, the army of 300,000 men from all over the Near East have amassed. The Athenians have chosen to leave their allies and stay in their citadel, but the Greeks prevail from the hopelesness. King Leonidas of Sparta leads his small army to Thermopylae, meeting with the rest of the Greek force. They know that they don't stand a chance against the might of Persia, including the vicious Ten Thousand Immortals, but with nothing to lose, they will sure keep the Persians at bay. You may join either the Persians or the Greeks to help determine the Battle of Thermopylae: The last stand of the 300.


1. All the normal protocols come into play here.


3. General Mardonius, Satrap Hydarnes (commander of the Immortals), the traitor Ephialtes, and Xerxes' brothers Abrocomes and Hyperanthes, and Demophilus of Thespiae are permitted in this RPG if they have not been taken already. You can have up to 4 characters.

4. All Spartans carry only a spear, 1 1/4-foot shortsword, and a Spartan aspis shield to battle, nothing else. The non-Spartans may carry any Greek weapons they like, and the Persians can do the same thing for their weapons, yet the Persian Immortals may carry any of the following: Immortal spear, Sagaris battleaxe, recurve bow, or Akinaka shortsword.

5. No invincibility. When I mean this, I mean that you can't remain completely unharmed forever. You don't have to die, but by the end of the third day at Thermopylae, all Spartans MUST be dead.

6. Please remember to have fun. It's rare that it happens on my RPGs.


Make your character profile in this format:

Name: Something that works. For instance, it's stupid being a Spartan with the name "Alfred".

Gender: Technically, just about every character is male, but...whispers maybe one of the Spartans was a woman in disguise.

Age: Whatever you want.

Appearance: Important!

Personality: Anything you want.

Clothing: Who goes around in battle naked except for Celts anyway?

Weapons: Remember the rules for the Spartans and Immortals, but apart from that, you can have any historically accurate weapon (NO claymores or AK-47s or grenades).

Occupation: Remember your place! :)

Homeland: For the Spartans, duh. For the Greeks, see this. For the Persians, see this. Immortals only accepted Persians, Medes, or Elamites.

Background: Make sure it works with the storyline, and if your character is a historical person, make sure the backstory is accurate!

King Leonidas

Gender: Male

Age: 60

Appearance: Long dark brown hair, short beard, tall and muscular.

Personality: Violent, powerful man who doesn't take orders from anyone.

Clothing: Red Spartan tunic, bronze cuirass and crested Corinthian helmet, bronze greaves and a red cloak.

Weapons: 7-foot doru spear, kopis sword, Spartan aspis shield.

Occupation: King of Sparta and de facto commander of the Greek forces at Thermopylae.

Homeland: SPARTA!!!

Background: Son of the late King Anaxandrias II of Sparta. Leonidas wasn't the official heir to the throne, however, being the third son of Anaxandrias, so he was required to undergo the harsh training of a Spartan hoplite. After a political issue involving the claim that Leonidas' mother was also Anaxandrias' neice, all of the king's children from that first wife were removed from the line of succession, and Anaxandrias took another wife. His son from that marriage, Cleomenes, inherited the throne in 520 BCE, but in jealousy, Leonidas and his full brother Cleombrotus placed him in prison, where in 489 BCE he commited suicide. Succeeding to the throne of Sparta around the age of 51, Leonidas was old, yet still a mighty warrior. After ruling nine years and still seeming in the prime of life, the Persians invaded Greece and Leonidas was elected commander of the forces sent to stop him. Can he defeat the Persians at Thermopylae? This RPG will tell that tale.

Great King Xerxes

Gender: Male

Age: 39

Appearance: Tall yet not a sufficient warrior enough to actually lead his army.

Personality: Cowardly, preferring to sit in his chariot surrounded by his Persepolis Guard, yet he can control a 300,000-man army made up of over 70 different ethnic groups.

Clothing: Purple tunic and purple-golden robe of the Achaemenid Great Kings, as well as a golden tiara.

Weapons: Being one not to fight, Xerxes never uses his weapons, yet to prove he is not afraid of a simple blade, he carries a standard Akinaka shortsword and the royal Achaemenid shield.

Occupation: Great King of the Achaemenid Persian Empire and Pharaoh of Egypt

Homeland: Persepolis, capital of Persia

Background: Like his enemy Leonidas, Xerxes was not the oldest son and therefore not the proper heir to the throne of his kingdom, yet Xerxes was the oldest son of Great King Darius and one of his later wives, Atossa, the daughter of the first Persian emperor Cyrus the Great, so Xerxes was a descendant of Achaemenes, founder of the Achaemenid dynasty, through two lines, so he had more royal blood than any of his older siblings, plus he was Darius' first child born while he was the Great King. When Darius died in 486 BCE, Xerxes inherited the throne and proved that he could lead, putting down rebellions in both Babylonia and Egypt before planning to take revenge for his father's defeat by Athens at Marathon. Xerxes is ready to conquer, and nobody will stop him now!


Age: 27

Appearance: Tall and strong.

Personality: Willing to fight to the death, always follows orders and never disagrees

Clothing: Red tunic, bronze cuirass, crested Corinthian helmet, bronze greaves

Weapons: Doru spear, xiphos shortsword, Spartan shield

Occupation: Spartan Hoplite

Homeland: Sparta

Background: Was born to two peasants and has fought alongside King Leonidas for some time, including during his rebellion against King Cleomenes.

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