Ach, a wee happy Patrick's Day to ye all! Ah'm nae wearing any graen taeday (save mah underwaer), but still let's honor thaet braw auld Celt with a taost tae William Wallace as waell! Ye ken enough 'bout Wallace, sae let's get on with the William Wallace RPG! Far braw Scotland!


It is 1296 at Loudoun Hill, where a score of Scottish Lowlanders are busy preparing for an ambush. A large patrol of English have arrived from the town of Darvel looking for outlaws. The tallest of the Scots, a 6-and-a-half foot man with a sword barely a foot short than himself, points at ten armoured men with red surcoats. English knights. The Scottish leader waits until the knights reach the road parralel to the Scotsmen's positions, then William Wallace raises his claymore and runs down the hill towards the English, screaming, "FREEDOOOOMM!!"


1. Ach, ye no stay unwaended farever! Ye ken, even the braw bonny knights get injuries!

2. Ye sword no taller than Sir William's, nay may ye be any taller in haeght than he.

3. Traitors tae the English, ye may be traitors, but praepare fer bein' killled, the noo!

4. Faeght the English with raging haerts! They refused ye freedom, so naow we faeght King Longshanks an' his army of invading knights! CHARRRRGEEEE!!!

5. SPECIAL NOTE: The above prologue is a reference to a skirmish before a battle at Loudoun Hill. Both a skirmish and battle there are mostly regarded as fictional but has been included to make the RPG fun.


Sir William Wallace

Gender: Male

Height: 6"6

Appearance: Aragorn-style beard, mustache, and hair, occasional blue war paint on face.

Clothing: Chainmail shirt mostly hidden by brown tunic and plaid tartan, and brown leggings and steel gauntlets, baldric for sword and a waist belt.

Weapons: Wallace Sword (a 5"6 claymore worn on the back with a baldric), war hammer in right side of waist belt, and dirk on right side. Occasionally has a Targe shield.

Occupation: Scottish rebel leader and knight.

Background: A minor Scottish noble and knight, Wallace has served the rebels against England for a year so far, and is already one of the most feared of them, pillaging English outposts and attacking their patrols. His wife was killed by the English earlier in the year, turning him into an absolute war machine.

User: Thornclaw

The Wallace Sword

Kane Duffy

Height: 6"4

Appearance: short red hair and red stubble on chin, blue eyes.

Clothing: irish red and green kilt, green leggings, forest green jerkin with tan sash running diagonally from left to right. leather forest brown hunter's hood.

Weapons: bow and arrows slung on his back, two dirks for close range combat in sheathes on his sides.

Occupation: Irish archer working with the Scottish

Background: Born to a family of hunters on the outskirts of Dublin, Kane grew up with a knowledge of archery and tanning hides of animals, he was the second best archer in his family, Next to his father, when Kane was 16, A group of raiding English knights raided his house and accused his father of treachery to the English throne, before killing him. Kane and his mother ran away in time to avoid the same fate. Then Kane became an archer for the Irish army against the English.

User: Ming

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