There were three gods, each one granted the power to watch over different races and to be their protectors. Eru watched over the honourable Centaurs and the kind Halflings, as well as Men, who above all else desire power. Quendi watched over the fair and immortal Elves, the Eagle-angels, and the Eagle-elves, the Kyrie. And Risegvater watched over those that were violent and alone, the peoples descended from Orcs and the underground Dwarves, as well as the Giants and Man-beast creatures who loved death.

Among their land, each race grew and learned, knowing that their god watched over them. They would fight each other at times, on and off, until one day there was a large, tremendous fight between Eru and Quendi's beloved, whom were always friends, and the larger group of Risegvater. Their squabbling created dismay and chaos in the heavens, and in the realm of the gods, this chaos became the time for a new god to rise.


A chaotic god of fire and blood, one who awoke new demonic races that overran the realms of the other three god's beloved's realms and all who did not defect to evil were cruelly killed. Zorlax's herald-commander on earth, the shape-shifting demon warlord Arkhon, led his unstoppable army, and it seemed all was lost for the other races. But those that survived, were those that resisted. The Free Ones, this alliance of Eru, Quendi, and Risegvater called themselves, and they realized that their squabbling and chaotic warfare was what caused Zorlax to rise in power. They realized they must put aside their differences and fight together, friends at last, to defeat Zorlax and his servant Arkhon. But they learned that Arkhon was summoning more demons. He wished to purge the land of all who did not serve Zorlax, and destroy the Mountain of Heaven that kept the other three gods tied to the earth. Once it was destroyed, Zorlax would kill the other gods himself and would descend from the heavens and rule the land for ever. The Free Ones had to strike fast.

The Invasion is over. The Rebellion has begun.

Finrod, Scribe to High King Galdor Galahad of the High Elves


  1. Follow the standard rules of the Wiki (you know, no swearing or that stuff).
  2. No suicide, cannibalism (unless you're a Demon), or romance.
  3. Magic is allowed.
  4. Only one character, please.
  5. You are either one of the Free Ones (Eru, Quendi, or Risegvater) or Zorlax's Army.
  6. When you make a background, please try to say something other than "Unknown".
  7. No killing each other. It's obvious nobody wants to die.
  8. Have loads o'fun or Arkhon will win and kill you all!


Eru: Good Men, Hobbits, Centaurs, Gnomes.

Quendi: Good Elves, Eagles, Kyrie (Elves with wings).

Risegvater: Goblins, Orcs, Hobgoblins. Ogres, all Giants (except Fire), Cyclopes, Minotaurs, Dwarves, Satyrs, Lizardmen (Anphropomorphic lizards).

Zorlax: Evil Men, Evil Elves, Imps, Demons, Dragons, Balrogs, Shades, Zombies, Vampires, Hydras, Fire Giants, Bloodlusters (More man-sized demons), Trolls


Please write your profile in the same format as mine bla bla bla. I will be playing all the non-User characters, but use this as an example please.


Species: Unknown, a demon shapeshifter.

Gender: Male

God: Zorlax

Personality: Sadistic ruler, cruel and purely evil.

Weapons: Firey longsword, magical powers over fire (firebending on a MUCH greater level)

Appearance: Shapeshifts, but his more common appearance is a 7 1/2-foot Man with long, light-brown (almost red) hair.

Clothing: Can wear any clothes since he is a shapeshifter, but prefers red spiked armour (red form of this.)

Occupation: Leader of Zorlax's Army

Affliation: Zorlax's Army

Background: Mostly unknown, but Arkhon is one of Zorlax's greatest servants and given the command of all his demons and forces on earth.


Species: Orc

Gender: Male

God: Risegvater

Personality: Mercliess, great tactician.

Weapons: Greatsword, Spiked club

Appearance: A huge Orc with dark skin and dark red eyes

Clothing: Breastplate, greaves, horned helmet, gauntlets, large boots and a ragged cloak

Occupation: Free One tactician/officer

Affliation: Free Ones

Background: Served under King Shraku of the Orcs all his life, and when the King joined the Free Ones, Ralz followed his master.

Viviet Jay

Gender: Female

Race: Kyrie

God: Quendi

Personality: calm,a loner, can be both serious and fun-loving, sometimes competitive

Weapons: elven wood longbow, elven steel dagger with a ruby pommelstone. 5 short throwing knfves for when she is out of arrows, but the enemy is still a long way off.

Appearance: long, unnusual sky blue hair, blue eyes, normal Kyrie wings

Clothing: sky blue tunic, blue pants, also carries a bag sometimes that holds his green/brown pieces of clothing if he needs to make himself scarce.

Occupation: Scout, and Archer (one of the best.)

Affiliation: Free Ones

Background: Born to the Jay family of Kyries, Viviet lead a semi-pampered lifestyle, most of the things she wanted, she got, a battle dummy, the best longbow her parents could find, multiple targets for longbow target practice, a blue elven silk tunic. But the one thing she wanted most that her parents couldnt give her: peace from the war, so, she sets herself to make her own dreams come true.

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