Home Rules

  1. No cheating whatsoever.
  2. Roleplay the generals, agents, and other people as their traits describe them. For example, a very reckless general will charge into enemy ranks because of his lack of patience or strategy. This could work either to my advantage or disadvantage.
  3. Never ally with Greek or Roman culture factions (being all Romans, Greek City-States, Macedon, Thrace, and the Seleucids), but it's okay to ally with other Barbarian factions and Eastern factions (Britannia, Gaul, Germania, Spain, Dacia, Parthia, Armenia, Pontus, and Egypt).
  4. I won't be showing all the battles. Some without much action will be ignored.

The Campaign Goal

I will be playing the Short Campaign, meaning I must take and hold a total of 15 provinces at least and outrule or outlast both Thrace and Dacia. I think my war will be focues mostly on either Thrace or Parthia.

Part 1

From the journal of Zipoetes, High Chieftain of the Tribes of Scythia

We hunger. Yes, we hunger for blood. We Scythians wish for a unification of all peoples who descended from those first Celts, and we know, it can only come through blood. We are the true heirs of Celtica! We are the only of our people who yearn for unity! We have separated, split from each other by the crashing tide of civilization, brought upon us by those godforsaken Greeks! Now comes the call for blood! Now we prove ourselves worthy of taking on the world! We are assembling our armies, my sons and I. Whether in six moons, or twelve, or after I have passed to dwell with the forest spirits, we shall ride, our horsemen the splendor who were blessed by the gods with their might of bow and blade. And now, we prepare for war!


We are bloodthirsty. We are dreaded. And most of all, we are the trueborn beloved of the spirits of our forests. They speak to us in our dreams, telling us how to handle our crises that have sprung in the days after the death of that Greek warlord, Alexander. The conquest has begun!


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