In this RPG you get to play your own unique LotR character, either human, elf, dwarf, or orc/goblin/Uruk-hai! This starts in Third Age 3018.


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  2. No immediate killing. You guys may end up fighting each other.
  3. In fact, no User may kill each other, seeing as nobody wants to die!
  4. No traitors, please.



Gondor has no King and is ruled by the weak and elderly Steward Denethor. His sons, Captains Boromir and Faramir, are defending their land from Mordor. If you join Gondor, you start in the capital city of Minas Tirith.


Rohan is trying to remain neutral in the coming war, but it will probably join the side of Gondor. Rohan's King Theoden is corrupted by the hidden servant of Saruman, Grima Wormtongue. You start off in the city of Edoras.


Isengard is a great tower at the very bottom of the Misty Mountains, where regular Orcs and Uruk-hai live. The Dunlending also live here. You start off in a barracks underneath the ridge surrounding the Tower of Orthanc.


You will definitely be an Orc/Goblin if you join Mordor. The heart of Sauron's domain, Mordor is ruled by the evil presence of the Dark Lord and his Nine Servants, the Nazgul. You start off in the Morgai Orc-barracks of the Ephel Duath Mountains.


If you join Rivendell, you're an Elf, one of few who still live in this world. The Elves of Rivendell try to remain neutral, and their ruler, Lord Elrond Half-elven, will not fight Mordor. Still, Elves ride out from Rivendell to combat the Orcs every now and then. You start off in your own room in the House of Elrond.


The Wood-elves of Lothlorien are fighting Mordor and it's allies, and are ruled by the mystical and ancient Celeborn and his wife Galadriel. You start off in a house in the capital city of Caras Galadon.


The Wood-elves of Mirkwood try to hold off Mordor, but the evils of Dol Guldur are forever watching. The elves of Mirkwood are ruled by King Thranduil, father of Legolas Greenleaf. You start off at the Halls of Thranduil.

Dol Guldur

Dol Guldur is a stronghold in southern Mirkwood that is ever watching the Wood-elves. The Orcs of Dol Guldur have no residing ruler, but fall under the allegiance of Sauron. You start off in the Fortress of Guldur at the foor of the Guldur Rock.


The Easterlings of Rhun are basically Japanese, and are allies of Mordor. They are human, but are allowed to pass into the Black Land. You start off in the city of Karna, slightly north of Mordor.


The Dwarves of Erebor are allied to Gondor and fight their Easterling rivals. They are ruled by the elderly King Dain II Ironfoot, who, although more than 200 years old, is still a great fighter. You start off in the Lonely Mountain of Erebor.


The Goblins of Moria are famous tamers of Trolls who run the former Dwarf colony of Khazad-dum in the Misty Mountains. If you join Moria, you can start anywhere you like in Moria, and watch out for the wrath of the Balrog!


Finorlos Aegin

Species: Elf

Gender: Male

Height: 6"7

Appearance: Long black hair, very tall

Personality: Amazing fighter, but kind to allies and friends.

Weapons: Two 5-foot Elven katanas, magic Elfbow

Clothing: When not in battle, a green tunic, brown pants, and camoflagued cloak with a black belt. In battle, a silver breastplate and gauntlets added to the former outfit

Allegiance: Mirkwood

Background: Born in the early Second Age and fought in the War of the Last Alliance, and retired briefly to live in peace in his old homeland of Mirkwood. However, he fought in the Battle of the Five Armies more than sixty years ago and began to fight Orcs again. He likes to ride out of Thranduil's Halls to battle Dol Guldur Orcs that wander in the forest.

Witch-King of Angmar

Species: Human (corrupted into a Nazgul)

Gender: Male

Height: 6"8

Appearance: Cloaked in black, Witch-King helmet, steel gauntlets and shoes

Personality: Complete evil

Weapons: Huge longsword that bursts into fire, immense flail, Morgul-dagger

Clothing: See "Appearance"

Allegiance: Mordor

Background: Was a nobleman of Numenor until Sauron gave him a Ring of Power that turned him into the leader of the Nazgul Ringwraiths.

Avaerynn Stallahfane(Sta-la-fay-nee)

Species: Elf

Gender: Male

Height: 6'5"

Appearance: Slimmer than most elves but unusually muscular for his slimness, long black hair, piercing pale green eyes

Personality: Light and airy with a soft laugh, extremely good marksman

Weapons: long, white magic bow called Thierlef which is said to never miss

Clothing: When not in battle, a black close-fitting tunic, black pants and long black cloak, silver belt

Allegiance: Mirkwood

Background: Unknown


Species: Orc

Gender: Male

Height: All Orcs are 5"6

Appearance: Short and brutish with thick corded muscle

Personality: Crafty, no one matters but self

Weapons: Heavy spiked club

Clothing: Ragged tunic, ragged pants

Allegiance: Dol Guldur

Background: Unknown


Species: Nazgul (Actually, Nazgul are corrupted humans)

Gender: Male

Height: 6'5"

Appearance: Like all the Nazgul: You can't really see him because of his cloak and hood. Rides a fellbeast or a horse.

Personality: Pure evil

Weapons: Longsword

Clothing: Black cloak with hood

Allegiance: Mordor

Background: Unknown


Species: Uruk-hai

Gender: Male

Height: 6'9 this is not an acceptable Uruk-hai height. All Uruk-hai are 6"5, no taller, no shorter

Appearance: Extremely muscular, with dark brown eyes

Personality: Dark, evil. No-nonsense commander attitude

Weapons: Enormous sword coated in deadly venom from a spider of Fanghorn Forest

Clothing: Black cloak covering thick steel breastplate. Uruk-hai helmet

Allegiance: Isengard

Background: Unknown, but created in the pits of Isengard like all other Uruk-hai

Sturian Lordos

Species: Human

Gender: Male

Height: 6'3"

Appearance: Tall, broadshouldered, sandy blond hair, short beard and moustache, flashing green eyes

Personality: Friendly unless you're the enemy then he's utterly ruthless

Weapons: Battle axe, various knives and daggers, bow and grey-fletched arrows

Clothing: When not in battle, comfortable loose tunic, belt, black vest, brown pants. When in battle, leather breastplate, wristguards, extra weapons

Allegiance: Gondor

Background: Has lived in Gondor since he was a boy of 12 previously from Rohan. Nothing else is known about him, he isn't very open about his past

Nauro Coronar

Race: Mirkwood Elf

Gender: Male

Height: 6'5"

Appearnce: Tall(surprise surprise). He has extremely blonde hair, nearly white(think Glorfindel). One of his eyes is ocean blue, the other forest green

Personality: Outside of battle: jovial, though some what sarcastic in humor. He has a grudging respect for Dwarves. Inside battle: sarcastic humor, kills with no question.

Weapons: strong Elven bow which he designed loosely off orc bows (such as the blades above and below the handle, and on the ends of it) and those of his own people (such as still looks Elvish aside from the blades) with black red striped fletching. he has a Dwarven shortsword on the back of his belt, a curved Elven hand and-a-half sword forged from Mithril in a sheath attached to his bow quiver, a Mordor Orc scimitar on the side of his belt, a Easterling Spear, two Elven hunting knives on another sheath on his quiver, and a Rohirrim dual sword(identical twin swords, in the same sheath) on the other side of his belt, he also has some magic abilities(it is possible to carry all of this, I have tested on myself) (Thorn's Note: I see you love multiple weapons! :) )

Clothing: Casual: A loose short sleeve brown tunic, dark grey pants, a plain sash, he still carries his bow, hunting knives, and shortsword in his casual wear, and Ranger's boots. Battle Attire: Elvin chainmail, he wears a Ranger's cloak, he wears a face mask over the lower half of his face, he has Elven vambraces and greaves, Ranger's boots, he wears a Ranger's shirt over his mail.

Allegiance: Lorien

Background: Born in Mirkwood in the mid 2nd Age. He moved to Lorien at the begining of the Third Age after traveling many centuries. He recieved training throughout his travels and is well versed in all weaponry.

Jerin Longflight

Race: Dunedain

Gender: Male

Height: 6'4"

Appearance: Shoulder length unkempt black hair. A very short black beard(think Aragorn's from the Films, only slightly longer). His eyes are a dark brown. he is broad shouldered.

Personality: Quite jovial, though will become serious in battle.

Weapons: A hand-in-a-half Dunedain Sword, Elven longbow with green fletching and Mithril tips, twin Dwarven daggers.

Clothing: Casual and battle attire: Ranger's cloak, Ranger's boots, Black shirt, short leather trench over coat(like Aragorn's from the films), he wears light armor under the coats, basically Chainmail beneatht the shirt

Allegiance: Gondor

Background: Was born in Ithelian, raised in Minas Tirith. He befriended the Elves and Dwarves swiftly.

Geun Slooth

Species: Dwarf

Gender: Male

Height: 4"5

Appearance: red hair, sparkling blue eyes.

Personality: Warrior at heart, mean but if you stay around him long enough he'll warm up to you.

Weapons: Poleaxe, twin mithril daggers.

Clothing: steel breastplate, helmet.

Allegiance: The woods

Background: Born in the early third age and grew quickly, hates all Urk hai.


Species: Uruk-Hai

Gender: Male

Height: 6"5

Weapons: Greatsword, Spiked club

Personality: Merciless, great tactician

Appearance: A huge Uruk-Hai with dark skin and dark red eyes

Clothing: Breastplate, greaves, horned helmet, gauntlets, large boots and a ragged cloak

Allegiance: Mordor

Background: Unknown, but instead of being created in Isengard, was bred in Mordor to serve Sauron himself.