At last, a Pirates of the Caribbean-based RPG! Here, you are a member of the crew of Davy Jones' Flying Dutchman, and you must sail for all eternity with him! NOTE: This takes place long before the events of the PotC movies.


  1. You know the drill. No bad language or being innappropriate.
  2. No betrayals. The crew of the Dutchman do NOT betray their master.
  3. We can only go to port every ten years for only a day, so no thoughts of making port! (You can go on shore, though)
  4. Do not disobey the captain, or he'll kill you.


Captain: Davy Jones

First Mate: Talanquel

Manner of the Kraken Wheel:

Trusted Mate:

Davy Jones' Bodyguard:



Head Gunner:

Navigator: Greenbeard

Elite Fighter:



Please create a profile in the same format as mine, or it won't count.

Davy Jones

Gender: Male

Height: 6"1

Appearance: See picture


The Captain of the Flying Dutchman

Clothing: Barnacle-encrusted coact and shirt, barnacle-encrusted hat.

Weapons: Scottish broadsword, crab claw, whalebone peg leg

Personality: Sadistic, with no care for his crew than he would care for his enemies. He only enjoys ensuring that others have as much a miserable and joyless life as he does.

Background: See here


Gender: Male

Height: 6"2

Appearance: Barnacle encrusted man with shells all over him?

First Mate

Weapons: Sabre, flintlock

Personality: Fiery tempered with a disposition to quickly eliminate all opponents, crafty and sly.


Gender: Male

Appearance: See picture

Occupation: Navigator

Weapons: Axe

Clothing: Green Barnacle encrusted Vest and pantaloons which, thanks to his many years of service, are now part of his body

Personality: Lone and unfriendly, and will kill for the heck of dirtying his axe

Ivan Leopardclaw

Gender: Male

Height: 6"2

Appearance: black hair, deeply hates Davy Jones. His skin has sprouted coral and his hair is seaweed some of it atleast.

Elite Fighter

Weapons: Straight sabre, dirk, pistol and gauntlet with coral growing out of it

Personality: Loner, his personality reflects his mood, happy, sad, or angry, if either one of these is tapped he could challenge you to a duel

Background: Some say he was born during the viking ages and placed upon a ship and grew up with many different peoples. He became a ship captain but then requested to live immortally on the Dutchman, waiting for his ten years so he can search for Davy's heart.

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