Narrator: You should have acted. They're already here.

In first person-view, an Enderdragon glides through a snow biome. The view then changes to an image-covered cavern wall.

Narrator: The Elder Craft told of the return.

Again in first person, a person runs through the same biome, panting heavily. The view returns to the wall.

Narrator: Their defeat was merely a delay.

Back to the gliding. A roar is heard,

and birds nearby begin to flap away in panic. The view goes back to the wall.

Narrator: For the time after Mojang opened, when the sons of Minerim would spill their own blood.

In third-person view, a player in armor, a horned helmet, and a shield runs across an ice-covered hill. It returns to first-person as the player stops suddenly at the edge of a cliff. The view comes back to the wall.

Narrator: But no-one wanted to believe.

Back at the cliff, a huge shadow looms over the figure standing at the edge. It appears to be a flying reptilian. The view returns to the wall once more.

Narrator: Believe they even existed.

An image of a dragon begins to rumble to life.

Narrator: And when the truth finally dawned...

At the cliff, the beast flies in front of the figure, who turns around and draws a long sword.

Narrator: dawns in fire!

At the image-covered wall, a picture of people being roasted by flames is shown. Back at the cliff, the beast, revealed to be a dragon, swipes at the figure, who puts his shield between the them and blocks a bite, but then the dragon unleashes a blast of fire.

Narrator: But...there is one they fear.

Another wall image of a figure resembling the one fighting the live dragon is shown, holding a shield against the dragonfire. The real person emerges unscathed from the fire, staring at the dragon.

Narrator: In their tongue, he is Enderkiin: Minecraft-born!

Enderkiin: FUS RO NOTCH!

The Enderkiin Shouts at the dragon as a view of the world of Minerim is shown. An unseen choir begins singing in Ender:

Nuz aan sul fent alok, fod fin vul dovah nok, [But a day shall arise, when the dark dragon's lies,]

Fen kos nahlot mahfaeraak ahrk ruz! [Will be silenced forever and then!]

Paaz Keizaal fen kos stin nol bein Alduin jot! [Fair Minecraft will be free from foul Alduin's maw!]

The Enderkiin continues to battle the Enderdragon, slashing at his jaw, while also scenes of the Enderkiin fighting other beings like Trolls, Endermen, and other players are briefly shown.

Enderkiin! Enderkiin! Naal ok zin los vahriin! [Minecraft-born! Minecraft-born! By his honor is sworn!]

The Enderkiin slashes the Enderdragon's neck as more clips of the Minecraft-born advernturing are shown.

Wah dein vokul mahfaeraak ahst vaal! [To keep evil forever at bay!]

The Enderkiin swipes madly at the Enderdragon, who hovers in the air, away from the attack. The other scenes continue.

Ahrk fin norok paal graan fod nust hon zindro zaan! [And the fiercest foes rout when they hear triumph's shout!]

Enderkiin fah hin kogaan mu draal! [Minecraft-born for your blessing we pray!]

The Enderkiin slices the Enderdragon's neck as he flies past, but not enough. The Enderkiin is also shown fighting spiders and Creepers. Eventually, the camera returns to the bane of the End stabbing the Enderdragon in the heart, ripping his sword out quickly, covered in the dragon's blood. The Enderdragon plummts to the ground and slides right into the camera, rocks flying everywhere. It's corpse begins to burn with a mystical light, as fragments of it's scales begin floating off and it's soul appears in the form of a magical mist that circles the Enderkiin. Behind him, over a mountain, another Enderdragon takes off from the peak.



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