Under construction. I have already called the Highlander and the Celt!


1. Follow main protocol.

2. You can have up to 2 characters.

3. Only use the items in the profile.

4. No invincibility. When I say "no invincibility", I don't mean that you have to submit and die eventually. I mean that you can't fight without injuries for too long. Even victors get ouchies.

5. Note that all actual people have been replaced by their civilization/warrior.

6. This is based off of the Deadliest Warrior TV show on Spike (only show I watch on that channel), but some things have been changed.

7. Have fun!

8. Be as gruesome as you wish, but not TOO gruesome.



Apache (Rawfan)

Weapons: Horse-jaw Tomahawk, Stone Tomahawk, Throwing Axes, Slashing Knife, Throwing Knives, Hunting Bow, War Club

Armour: Rawhide Buckler

Advantages: With minimum armour, Apache Indians were very fast and versatile, with multiple deadly weapons. They were America's first guerilla fighters.



Weapons: Sica, Cestus, Scissore, Tident, Net, Sling

Armour: Murmillo helmet, right-arm Manica, Parma shield

Advantages: Gladiators have heavy armour almost everywhere save their chest, and even if wounded, would continue fighting stubbornly.



Weapons: Longsword, Greataxe, 3 Javelins

Armour: Chainmail shirt, steel conical helmet, Viking shield

Advantages: Vikings have incredibly lethal weapons, strong body armour, and use brute force to pave the way for conquest and power.



Weapons: Katana, Wakizashi, Naginata, Yumi, Kanabo

Armour: Full Samurai plated armour

Advantages: Samurai have lethal weapons and are disciplined, skilled, and have unbelievable respect towards their opponents.


Spartan (Rawfan)

Weapons: Doru spear, Xiphos, Javelin

Armour: Iron breastplate, helmet, and greaves, Aspis shield

Advantages: Spartans are disciplined, ruthless, and merciless, with no code of honour. They are trained from the age of 7 to be the deadliest warriors.



Weapons: Black Egg powder, Ninjato, 20 shurikens, Fukiya blowgun, Kusarigama

Armour: None

Advantages: Ninjas are very stealthy, agile, and wear absolutely no armour, so they can dodge and deflect blows rather than take the impact. Many of their weapon are also poisoned.


Knight (Sunflash)

Weapons: Broadsword, Flail, Halberd, Arbalest Crossbow

Armour: Full plate armour, shield

Advantages: Knights ride horses initially and not only have complete armour, but the most severe of close-range weapons.



Weapons: Cutlass, 6 Flintlock pistols, Blunderbuss, Boarding Axe, 2 Grenados

Armour: None

Advantages: Pirates are savage warriors with higher technology than most enemies, but their pistols cannot pierce armour and are better form unarmoured opponents.

Shaolin Monk

Shaolin Monk (Ming)

Weapons: 2 Hookswords, Emei piercers, Bo-staff, Whip Chain

Armour: None

Advantages: Shaolin Monks are disciplined warriors with strong, yet unusual weapons, and are passive fighters who only kill when they have no choice.

112px-DW weapon stingray seap-1-


Weapons: Taiaha, Stingray Spear, Mere Club, Shark-tooth Club

Armour: None

Advantages: Maori are savage and fiersome fighters who do not care for their injuries and fight for religious respect and power.


Highlander (Thornclaw)

Weapons: Claymore, Ball & Chain, War Hammer, Dirk

Armour: Chainmail shirt, Gauntlets, Targe shield

Advantages: The Highlander's weapons are mostly slow, but all are incredibly powerful and intimidating, using brute strength for an advantage.


Zulu (Bluestripe)

Weapons: Iklwa, Iwisa, Zulu Axe, Spit of Poison

Armour: Ishlangu shield

Advantages: Zulus are fast warriors who does not rely on their shields, and their spears and axes can go right through armour.


Macedonian (Walrus)

Weapons: Kopis, Xyston, Gastraphetes, Ballista

Armour: Breastplate, greaves, helmet, shield

Advantages: A Macedonian has powerful armour and rides on horseback, with two deadly yet slow long-range weapons and a lethal lance.



Weapons: Hunnic scimitar, Lasso, Hunnic Composite Bow, Scythian Axe Armour: Lamellar breastplate, helmet, greaves, shield

Advantages: The Hun is a horse archer with minimum armour and amazing reflexes, powerful with both the bow and the sword.


Jaguar Warrior

Weapons: Maquahuitl, Tematlatl, Atlatl/Tlacochtli, Tecpatl Knife

Armour: Quilted Cotton tunic, Jaguar skin arour, Jaguar skin shield

Advantages: Jaguar Warriors fought to capture opponents alive and sacrifice them in the name of the sun god, and had deadly weapons to combat them.


Zande Warrior

Weapons: Makrigga, Makraka, Kpinga, Botto/Pima

Armour: Wicker Shield

Advantages: Zande Warriors were incredibly violent and ruthless fighters with no rules to war and cared not for the suffering of their enemies.


Centurion (Moodle)

Weapons: Gladius, Pilum, Dolabra, Scorpion

Armour: Iron breastplate, greaves, helmet, Scutum shield

Advantages: Centurions were disciplined, powerful, and overall well-protected warriors with both the cunning Scorpion and the versatile Pilum.


Rajput (Silverfalcon)

Weapons: Khanda, Aara, Chakram, Katar

Armour: Chainmail shirt, leather greaves, helmet

Advantages: Rajput warriors fear no enemy and have both strong armour and very severe short-range weapons.


Persian Immortal

Weapons: Persian Spear, Sagaris, Persian Recurve Bow, Chariot Scythe

Armour: Lamellar breastplate, helmet, shield

Advantages: The Immortals were disciplined, almost invincible warriors who rode on chariots and had multiple-use weapons.

183px-Celt 2-1-

Celt (Thornclaw)

Weapons: Longsword, Landea, Sling, Burda

Armour: Leather breastplate

Advantages: Celts were ravaging ruthless barbarians with a near resistance to injuries, and they also had experience on chariots.


Wallachian (Walrus)

Weapons: Kilij, Halberd, Hand Cannon, Steel Crossbow

Armour: Chainmail, Steel greaves, gauntlets, and helmet, shield

Advantages: The Wallachian has superior armour, and though he had the inconsistent crossbow and hand cannon, he also has powerful bladed weapons.

Chinese Warrior

Chinese Warrior

Weapons: Jian, Zhua, Repeating Crossbow, Flaming Arrow Longbow

Armour: Lamellar breastplate, helmet, shield

Advantages: The Chinese Warrior has a powerful long-ranged weapon, a unique flaming bow, and the cunning length of the Zhua, all which give him great power added to his discipline and skill.


Comanche (Ming)

Weapons: War Hawk, War Lance, Hunting Bow, Scalping Knife

Armour: Buffalo Hide Shield

Advantages: The Comanche is an expert horseman and archer, with skill and versatility in both his spear and bow, as well as a devastating axe.


Mongol (Moodle)

Weapons: Flanged Mace, Glaive, Recurve Bow, Ild

Armour: Lamellar breastplate and helmet

Advantages: The Mongol is an expert horse archer as well as a swordsman, and is a skirmisher and descendant of the Hunnic horsemen.

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