Welcolme, Niko, to your first Warmaster battle! Your instructions are below, and good luck commanding!

The Backstory

It is the year 1066 CE. You are Duke William II of Normandy, ruler of northern France. You have crossed the English Channel to take what is rightfully your inheritance: England. Your army is primarily consisting of recruits, and a few veterans of wars against rival French lords, but what makes your force unique is the versatility. Most armies of the Early Middle Ages are composed of infantry, and only the commanders and their bodyguards are mounted, but you have a large cavalry force and many archers. Your enemy is the Saxon army under King Harold Godwinson of England. His army outnumbers you, but it is exhausted after defeating an invasion by the Vikings and is marching now to fight your fresh troops. What's more, you have the blessing of His Holiness the Supreme Pontiff. God is truly on your side! But before you start fighting, learn of the different traits of your army and begin deploying.

The Norman Army

The Infantry

Spear Militia

Class: Light Infantry

Number of Troops: 7,000

Primary Weapon: Spear

Secondary Weapon: None

Tip: Use as army fodder to soften the enemy. You now of the heavily armoured Saxon elites, so try to break their defensive shield walls with spear militia before sending the rest of your troops in.


Class: Spearmen

Number of Troops: 4,000

Primary Weapon: Spear

Secondary Weapon: None

Tip: Sergeants are only slightly more powerful than spear militia, so use them as a secondary line after the spear militia attack.

Armoured Sergeants

Class: Spearmen

Number of Troops: 1,000

Primary Weapon: Spear

Secondary Weapon: Sword

Tip: With proper chainmail and shield, Armoured Sergeants are best used after the spear militia and lighter sergeants have broken through the Saxon shield wall.

Flemish Pikemen

Class: Pikemen

Number of Troops: 400

Primary Weapon: Pike

Secondary Weapon: Sword

Tip: Pikemen are not very effective against infantry, but use them well against King Harold and his heavily-armed mounted guards. Pikemen are also good if you order them to discard their pikes in favor of the sword.

Archer Militia

Class: Missile Infantry

Number of Troops: 600

Primary Weapon: Bow

Secondary Weapon: Dagger

Tip: Most of the Saxon army has no armour save a shield, so shoot high and make sure those weak infantry in the rear of the army die, because they can swarm your own infantry quickly.


Class: Missile Infantry

Number of Troops: 900

Primary Weapon: Longbow

Secondary Weapon: Mace

Tip: Good against cavalry and heavy infantry, and have the longest range of any of your missile troops. They have acceptable melee usage too, so don't be afraid to put them against other light infantry.


Class: Missile Infantry

Number of Troops: 100

Primary Weapon: Crossbow

Secondary Weapon: Sword

Tip: Good against cavalry and heavy infantry, but take a while to reload their weapons. Best used as reserve forces.

The Cavalry

Mailed Knights

Class: Heavy Cavalry

Number of Troops: 1,000

Primary Weapon: Lance

Secondary Weapon: Sword

Tip: Very effective against light infantry, archers, and lighter cavalry. Beware getting them caught up against heavy infantry and spearmen, though.

William of Normandy

Class: Heavy Cavalry

Number of Troops: 10

Primary Weapon: Lance

Secondary Weapon: Sword

Tip: Very powerful, boost morale of nearby troops, but do not under any circumstances let William and his bodyguard get too caught up in the battle, for they can get bogged down very quickly.

  • Spear Militia
  • Sergeant
  • Armoured Sergeant
  • Flemish Pikeman
  • Archer Militia
  • Longbowman
  • Crossbowman
  • Mailed Knight
  • William of Normandy (His bodyguard look the same)

Your Enemy

Your enemy, the Saxons under King Harold Godwinson, outnumber you and are composed almost entirely of infantry. Although this is a lack of versatility, they can fix your in army in place and bog it down easily. Most of their soldiers are recruits with barely any protection, but to make it appear that their soldiers are all powerful, they put their elites in the front line, blocking view of the weak militia behind them.

You can send scouts out to search for the enemy and learn of it's size and strength, if you want.

Prepare for Battle!

Before you fight, you must set up a formation using Microsoft Paint or whatever system works for you. If you will abbreviate your troop names, here is how they should be:

Spear Militia: SM

Sergeants: Serg

Armoured Sergeants: ArSerg

Flemish Pikemen: FP

Archer Militia: ArMil

Longbowmen: Long

Crossbowmen: Cross

Mailed Knights: MK

William of Normandy: Will

After this is complete, you can send scouts to ride past the enemy, but make sure they aren't caught and killed! If they survive, you will have information and a good number of your enemy troops. SO LET THE BATTLE BEGIN!!!

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