Part 1

It's been two weeks since I left. Mother and Father are probably still searching. Hmm, that's alright. I'm my own Wolf, I can watch myself The young wolf slid down a small slope. He was only 1 1/2 years old, and was already the size of the average wolf. His upper back was a dark, almost black, grey. His lower body was a more, granity-grey. His golden eyes shone in the failing sunlight. He had been named for his eyes, and their reaction to the setting suns. His name, was Skysun.

Skysun stumbled slightly as he hit loose rock at the base of the slope. He tried to resituate himself, but failed. Sky fell flat onto his stomach. he pushed himself up, shook, and continued on his way. He did not have a set destination. Just wherever the wind took him. It was nearly nightfall, and the first day of winter. The wind blew the first snowflakes of the year into his eyes with stinging force. Skysun grunted. pawing at his eyes. As the wind increased it's speed, more snow fell. Sky began to run, thinking he saw some trees in the near distance. He made for them. As he neared, Skysun thought he heard another wolf in them. He crept silently up to them, the snow starting to gather on his coat. When he entered them, he peered about, shook himself, and stepped forward, his pawsteps muffled by the pine needles. Skysun looked about at his surroundings. It was just before nightfall, so there was still some light to see by. It was the typical pine grove. Large, evergreens enveloped the area, filling it with the sweet, yet nearly overpowering scent of pine. Skysun breathed deeply. He enjoyed the smell of pine trees immensly. Then he heard it again. A quiet, feeble call, "M-mother!"

Skysun crept quietly forward. He peered through the foliage. In the center of the grove was a small clearing, with a roof of pine branches keeping the snow from entering. It was almost as if it wasn't winter in the dense grove. In the middle was another wolf. A she-wolf, to be exact. She was curled up in a near ball. Her sides rose steadily with her breathing. She still fidgeted slightly, her stength nearly gone. She had obviously been running a long time. Skysun moved warily towards her. As he neared her, she glanced up at him. the She-Wolf jumped up, determined to not show her weakness, though it shone forward like a lighthouse lamp in the dead of night. Skysun cocked his head at her, "What are you so jumpy about?"

The She-wolf looked at him, still ready to run, "I-I'm just, tired. That's all"

Skysun sat down, "Never heard someone cry out like you did when they are tired. What is really the matter?"

The She-Wolf looked at him, it was hard for her to see him, in the failing sunlight, "Umm, well. It's just," she sighed, then locked eyes with him as best she could, "It's none of your business!"

Skysun stood up, "Hey! I'm just tryin' to be nice! No need to go snapping my head off like that!"

She cringed slightly, "Er, sorry"

Sky sat down again, "No. I'm sorry for losing my temper. It wasn't really my place to ask that question anyway. My name is Skysun. What's yours?"

The She-Wolf looked at him, "Skysun? That's a nice name. Mine is Brighteye. What are you doing out here in the winter?"

Skysun stepped into the middle of the glade, and lay down, "I left my parent's pack two weeks ago. I didn't feel like living with them, so I just left. I came here to shelter from the snow outside. Why are you here?"

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