• Shadowlands

    The Shadowlands

    April 25, 2011 by Shadowlands

    Outcast. Assassin. Traitor. We did nothing to deserve these names and yet they are ours. Aye, our family does not have the best history behind it, yet we used to be honored and treated with respect where ever we went. Now, because of the actions of one, we are shunned.

    The country folk—a more superstitious lot there never was—are of the opinion my sister and I influenced the actions of that night. How could we have though? We were not even born at the time. We did not command him to betray everyone and everybeast he loved to the Krazex.

    Handle anything They have touched for too long, and you become a minion to Them. So long ago...And yet, not so long ago. For it was on the very night that Fiwrin turned to the dark side that my sister and I w…

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