Welcome, This RPG is about a evil force known as Icvar Bloodeath. He is evil, uses a scythe and will stop at nothing to slay you. But you are a rag-tag team of people. You must try to elminate threats of Icvar and meet him and his commanders in battle. You can be the team to elminate him or be his servants whom try to elminate Icvar's opposers. The book part of this will be updated after a while.


1. You can be elves, minotaur, centaur, dwarf, animal whatever. But if you want something you invented you must consult with me on my talkpage. Also if you want to use Creatures from books you have to consult with me. You can be from a different world

2. No Supericantbekilled or invincability.

3. No Guns unless it's a musket or Flintlock pistol.

4. Magic is allowed

5. Have fun

Characters Against Icvar

Name: Percy Freefighter

Age: sixteen

Species: 1/3 elf 1/3 unknown 1/3 unknown

Gender: male

Weapons: Frostern Scythe made from snow ice and metal. Long dagger made from a fallen star, charcoal was burned for the carbon to make starsteel. He has a bronze shield which is small and can be thrown. He has a wand made of maple, it was dunked in pine sap. He is mainly a fingermagician. Also has a shortsword.

History: He was raised for a small amount of time in Icvar's castle. Then he was sold as a slave to a tribe of elfs. He was sold again to a blacksmith in the north who taught him many things. He endulged himself into the arts of magic for a time but twisted back out of it. Was given a Frostern Scythe

Appearance: Pointy ears, Black hair, golden shirt, and black trousers. Green eyes and tannish skin.

Personality: Talks alot, when nervous will talk about past things, Is a quick thinker and often rushes into things. But he's still the leader

Alignment: Against Icvar

Played by Rawfan56

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#searchform div.poweredby img { width:60px; }Name: Chorogath

Age: 3,716

Species: Half Wizard, one-fourth Elf, one-fourth Man

Gender: Male

Weapons: Larger version of an Elven Lhang hand-and-a-half sword on back, Elven longbow with bladed ends on back attached to Lhang scabbard, smaller version of Balrog sword on right side of belt, Dwarvish war hammer on left side, two curved Elven knives on right leg, two throwing axes on left leg, iklwa stabbing spear on back crossed with Lhang and blow sheathes, white magic staff (think Gandalf the White).

Background: Is the product of different interbreedings of three different species. He was raised by his Wizard father, since his half-Elf half-Man mother was killed by Icvar Bloodeath's minions during his early rise to power. Chorogath has sworn enmity to Icvar and is the main commander of a slowly growing Alliance of Freedom, a mixed alliance of all the races that are enemies of Icvar, sworn to destroy him forever. Chorogath has the magical powers of his father's kind, the expert weapon power of the Elves, and the strength of Men.

Appearance: Has the long brown hair of an Elf, and a long beard and walrus mustache. Wears a Mithril-plated jerkin over blue tunic, and over that a grey robe that only just shows his jerkin, and goes down to his ankles. Thick brown leather boots are on his feet.

Personality: While being a natural leader and fighter, he is also a Seer, very wise, and

Alignment: Against Icvar (Alliance of Freedom)

Played by: Thornclaw Braveheart

Characters For Icvar

Name: Icvar Blooddeath


Species: Orc

Gender: male

Weapons: Icvar is a master of all weapons, but his favorite are; his scythe made of a metal stronger than Frostern, his longsword made of Frostern and lastly his twin daggers made of Frostern/ star metal alloy.

History: He had a long and tragic history, from disceting animals to murdering people, Icvar had made his entire self full with evil. He has wiped out entire races of elfs and destroied one of the biggest cities of the gnomes just for his empires need for a new room.

Appearance: Always wears a spiked helmet,has a silver breastplate which he wears in battle, but in normal times he wears leather armor. His eyes are icy gray from his father orc being from the north. He isn't as buff as most orcs.

Personality: Honor and disiplined by his Adoptive father, that causes him some mercy. He is basically your evil joe.

Alignment: He is Icvar....

Played by:Rawfan56


Name: Ashglazh the Last

Age: 35

Species: Uruk-hai (like a mega-Orc)

Gender: Male (surprise, huh?)

Weapons: Huge Orcish Zweihander with carved dragon-head for hilt on back, two normal Uruk-hai "T-swords" on either side of belt, recurve bow and quiver attached to Z-hander sheath, small steel shield that looks like a large shark egg sack, and three curved knives in leggings.

Background: Bred with thousands of other Uruk-hai for combat. After the War of the Ring, Ashglazh was the last of his kind to survive the Great Purge of Orcs, and he was brought to this world by Icvar Bloodeath, and serves him as a major commander and warrior.

Appearance: Face looks like a cross between a lion and a human, and has long tangled black hair. Also has a white tattoo of a hand on his face, but most of it is covered by a steel helmet. Also wears a metal breastplate, leather kilt/leggings, and vambraces. He has a long scar on his left forearm from a bear he fought and killed. Sometimes rides an overgrown wolf (called a Warg).

Personality: Sadistic and cruel. Very barbarous.

Alignment: For Icvar

Played by: Thornclaw Braveheart

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