Hello, Welcome to my newest RPG, Hopefully this one will be popular. In this RPG you are a animal, any animal from T-Rex to a Gorilla. This RPG you can also be a human, each of you were special since you were born. We are now beggining to start the Ice Age, so think of some animals, grab some fur, and get ready to fight for your life!


Unless you are a human you must hold the weapons with a part of your body.

We aren't standing we are animals, but the humans and other animals can understand you.

If you die so what? you can make another character

No Invinicbility

Have Fun!

Herd Structure

Leader: There can be one

Scouts: There can be four, preferably a bird or a fast creature.

Runners: There can be four, preferrably anything that runs fast.

Healers: There can be up to two, but there can be more

Docturnal Hunters or Trackers: Deathtooth, no limit

Nocturnal Hunters or Trackers:No limit

Fighters: Deathtooth, no limit

Elders: No limit

Youngsters: No limit

Apprentices: Learners for a special job, no limit

Humans: I don't want everyone to be a human, so three; Babba


Name: Deathtooth

Species: T-rex

Gender: male

Appearance: green scales with orange stripe down back.

Weapons: Massive teeth, great sense of smell, sight, and hearing. His claws don't work much as weapons but his tail and foot are also deadly as a weapons.

Background: His past isn't known much of.

Occupation: Fighter, also is a Docturnal hunter.

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#searchform div.poweredby img { width:60px; }Name: Babba

Species: Human

Appearance: Neanderthal with long brown beard and hair

Clothing: Fur cloak

Weapons: Flint-tipped spears, hand axe, stone knife, primitive hunting bow