Welcome to my newest RPG. Read the prolouge for more info.


1. You can have two characters

2. Don't make your character invisable

3. This takes place in the Middle ages fictional kind of stuff.

4. Most Mythical animals and monsters fit.

5. Obey the king's children and the king and queen.


A kind king named King Rython was a ruler of a massive kingdom called Yaren. He went in a crusade against another kingdom. He came back with a horrible illness. It was almost incurable. He died and his evil brother Verus seized the throne. Some didn't agree with the terrible king and banded together to be rebels. Some of Rython's children didn't agree with Verus and were thrown into the Tower of Yaren. Others left. Some stayed at his side. Verus's children were evil. Very few of these were good. It's said that Rython's and Verus's children have unique powers. So be a loyalist for Verus or a Rebel for Prince Sanshai.


Name: Wynthe
Species: Weasel
Gender: Male
Weapon(s): Dagger
Description: Small and brown-furred, with a white throat and underbelly. Though he is quite small, he is ideal for sneaking and spying.
Background: Born in Yaren, lived in a forest until he got word of Rython's death and Prince Sanshai's rebellion against evil King Verus. Joined rebels. That's about it, unless there's anything else I might need to mention.

Name:Derivan Rashma



Appearance:Slim and agile but not overly tall. Dark red hair, goldish green eyes. Wears a dark red tunic with a gold sash, tan pantaloons, black boots and dark gray cloak

Personality:Cheery, courteous, brave

Weapons:His father's sword, a couple hidden daggers, a bow and arrows but he prefers the sword, a staff

Background:Was born in a small village. Never knew his father, was raised by his grandmother after his mother died when he was four. His grandmother taught him what she knew of swordfighting but would tell him it came naturally from his father, who was an excellent swordsman. His grandmother died when he was twelve that was around the same time that Verus took the throne.

Name: Hawkspeed

Gender: Male

Species: Talking Mouse

Age: 2 years old (or however old a mouse has to be to be a 20 year old human.)

Appearance: small, beige fur, white underbelly and chin. fast on the ground as a hawk is in the air. a great spy and/or assasin

Weapon: dagger. tiny bow and arrow

Personality: Noble, friendly, sometimes talkative, serious, doesnt like it when others make fun of his size.

Background: Hawkspeed was born in the forest. when he got word of the Prince's rebellion and how the current king treats his people, he eagerly joined the rebellion.

Name: Princess Lilly

Gender: Female

Age: 13

Appearance: Beautiful, small in build and has long blonde hair and blue eyes. Her dress is a rich purple and she wears a diamond necklace.

Personality: Two faced, her good side isn't her real side. She is a hardened killer in secret. She can be very charming and flirt when she wants

Weapons: An assassin's dagger and hidden knifes all over her body.

Background: She's the King's daughter and is thought to be a loyalist but is a secret rebel.

Name: Alastor

Species: Metamorphagus (Shape-shifter like The Hobbit's Beorn, but always stays in a humanoid form)

Gender: Male

Weapons: Claymore, double war hammers, burda war club, recurve bow.

Clothing: Brown tunic with chainmail over it, and a yellow vest over, as well as a plaid cloak.

Appearance: Changes facial and bodily shape into different humanoid forms, but his "birth-shape", the form that he was born as and prefers most, is a tall man with long brown hair and a beard/walrus mustache.

Allignment: Rebels

Occupation: Spy, Warrior, and Mercenary

Background: Alastor was born in the Metamorphagus kingdom of Muedei, and the kingdom was conquered by Verus during the days of Verus and King Rython's father. Alastor was taken as a slave, but became a loyal friend of Rython and served as his bodyguard for the rest of his life, but was told to stay and protect his children when Rython went crusading. Alastor now serves to help Prince Sanshai, and will do anything in a Metamorphagus' power to defeat the Verus, killer of his family.


Name: Lord James Ceader

Rank: Royal Advisor

Physical appearance: Short, but quite strong and agile.

Armour: usually wears regal clothing of purple and red. Sometimes dawning the garb of a seafarer when the opportunity arises. Also owns his father's suit of armour, but rarely takes it out.

Weapons: always walks with a cane that contains a hidden sword.

History: Hails from the southern coast. Son of the mayor of Bucksley was raised in the upper class and took advantage of all its benifits. When he was 12 he witnessed many forms of corruption as his father was killed by pirates let in by a trusted friend. He spent the rest of his childhood training to be a warrior and to fight evil, whatever form it may take. Was the advisor to King Rython and when he died he swore to be as loyal to his brother as he was to Rython, and as such seems to turn a blind eye wherever he sees Verus commit evils.

Name: Servance Horbit

Age: 57


Race: Human/ Elf

Appearance: Brown hair, his left eye is dark blue. The right can be blue, gray, purple, blue or green but it tends to be Moonlight Silver.His left arm is thinner and more flexible, but looks the same as the other. His right side is burnt. Multiple scars line his body. He is tall.

Weapons: Longsword, dagger, has a wand in belt, anything he can get his hands on.

Personality: Warrior at heart. He is kind of a follower but if you give him the chance he will lead you to victory.

Background: His parents died after he was born. He grew up as a apprentice to many things. His eye was gouged out when he was a fisherman’s apprentince. A hook gouged it. He made a deal with the moon and cheated. The moon lord a man of his word gave him his eye but with a small part missing. The sunlord a enemy of the moon gave some sunlight for a eye. He was a healers apprentice and burnt his arm badly and cut it off. Using some animation magic and some healing he reversed it and resinewed it with animal sinews. It slowed in time making him lose much muscle and made it more flexible. He saved the orphanage and his side was burnt. He became a master servant for the princess.

Name:Vito "Tony" James Micelli


Eye color: Blue

Species: Mouse

Place of Origin: The easten woods

Appearance: Tony wears a green jacket and a velvet bandana and wars brown clogs

Weapons:Anything that is sharp and pointy but mostly he carry's a golden dagger and his family's sword.

Personality: Tony is abit selfish but is very kind hearted. Tony is also good at getting in and out of trouble though he can be abit sly when he does his job.

Backstory: Tony lives in a small town run by his Mafia organized crime, he witnessed his brother's death by an unknown masked killer since then he has been after the killer atleast 19 years now. Tony use to work for the local blacksmith then switched to a life of crime when he was 14.


Name:Fenrir the Savage

Gender: Male

Occupation:Bodyguard to Lord James Ceader

Weapon: large battle axe.

Personality: like most of his kin he is tough as the cold winters of the north made him. He is quite quick to a fight and will never show mercy.

Appearance: wolf pelt on back. Just think of a viking

History:Hails from the far north. Earned his pelt when fighting a alpha male wolf that had been terorizing a town. He fought the great wolf and skinned it to prove his strength

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