Welcome to my newest RPG where you are a ninja. You are in training. The leader will be chosen by me. So make a ninja and get into some missons! You can fight against the Angry Men. Full credit goes to Silver. Kakashi is the leader


1. Respect the leader.

2. Follow the Wikia rules.

3. Don't make your character invincible.

4. Two Character's per person.

5. If you don't like you mission I will speak to the leader about it.


Name: Tyre Fastblade

Age: 14

Appearance: normal black shirt, and blue jeans. A mask for his head. Two straps on back and thin leather boots. Short black hair and light blue almost gray eyes. Wears a multiple rings and has a dream catcher on neck.

Weapons: Two shortswords, staff on back and a longsword. Multiple Shurikens. Daggers over back. Metal whip. Sickle.

Background: His father was from a unknown land and his mother is Ceres. He was trained by Lurker, thus earning him the nickname: Son of Nightmares. He is very skilled and can summon Nightmare creatures from his dream catcher.

Personality: Nice, takes a bit to warm up to other beasts. Talks a lot.




Eyes:Jade Green

Personality:Is very tough but cares for his friends and is very gentle.

Apperince:He wears a white ninjas outfit he is 6,4 in height and is very strong.

History:Rico grew up in a small village and he still lives with his parents till he moved out about 4 years ago.

Name: Takeo Ishimata

Gender: Male

Appearance: blue eyes. standard black ninja apparel.

Personality:fun loving, semi-serious, gets the job done if he feels like it, usually a loner

Weapons: 3 kunai knives, three-section staff.

Name: Kakashi Hatake

Age: 34

Appearance: [1]

Weapons: many kunai and shuriken. two katana. his many Jutsu's, (Mangekyo)Sharingan

Background: [2]

Personality: [3]

Abilities(Jutsu): [4]

Ninja Rank: Jonin(or Hokage)

Name: Takeshi Inuzuka

Age: 19

Appearance: Tall, white hair like Kakashi's. He has the two Inuzuka Clan fang tattoos starting under his eyes and down to right above his jaw line. [1] this is a picture of Kakashi in his younger years, Takeshi looks like that, only all the navy on it is dark red, and the white shirt and red scarf are black. His arms are a little bigger. Also, his fang tattoos are red. He has a headband from each village, but only wears the Leaf Headband on his head. The other headbands are placed two on each side of his shirt.

Weapons: many kunai and shuriken. three katana. his many Jutsu's, His pack of five Ninken, paper bombs, wire, smoke grenades, flash grenades.

Background: The Nephew of Kakashi Hatake, from Kakashi's much older sister. like his uncle, he graduated at a young age, but never made Chunin, due to him never being there. After he graduated at a young age he left Konoha, and trained in ever hidden village up till now. He is a wind type, but is able to use minut amounts of other elements. He was part of the ANBU Black Ops shortly. When he was first born, the Death Shadow Wolf spirit was sealed within him. Making him, like the others, a Jinchuriki, but his comes with a price for using his ultimate attack, Death Shadow Strike: His life

Personality: Takeshi is friendly, and enjoys training of any type. He enjoys relaxing with his five Ninken, Ninja Hounds, the Trade Mark of the Inuzuka clan aside from the fang tattoos. He is aware of his Jinchuriki, and has learned not to tap into it's energy reserves, though they are vast.

Abilities(Jutsu): is beyone master in Ninjutsu, Genjutsu, Taijutsu, though he excels in Ninjutsu, then Taijutsu, then Genjutsu. He has mastered beyong Jonin the Inuzuka Collaberation Jutsus, including Techniques belonging to other clans, such as the Shadow Possession, Human Bullet and Mind Transfer to name a few. Many abilities belong to the Death Shadow Wolf, but he almost never uses them, despite them being able to end a World War in mere seconds

Ninja Rank: Genin, but may as well be Jonin. He simply missed the Chunin Exams every year

Name: 'Retro Sting'

Age: Unknown

Appearance: Tall and muscular. Wears a strange helmet with a ruby in the middle. A black mask conceals his nose and the lower half of his face. Has snake-like eyes

Weapons: Curved claws that come out of the back of his gauntlets and more

Background: Unknown

Personality:Intelligent, mysterious, somewhat quiet, and enjoys to fight a great deal

Abilities(Jutsu): Multiple types of jutsu. He tends to hide most of the jutsu he knows

Ninja Rank: Loner, but has the potential to be a high rank


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