Welcome! This RPG is slightly made with Thorn helping me, so, Credit him too :P

This RPG is set in 1999, but, America is still under the control of the Brits. We are constantly patrolled by the Redcoats. The Mexicans under the rule of Emperor Salvador II, working with the French are trying to push the edge of their border, in Utah, farther. The British have Canada under their control, but the Nunavat and Alaska are still owned by Russia. Rebellions are starting to sprout, but they are getting beat down nearly as fast. Think of the technology as muskets, that are faster to reload, better flintlock pistols, regular sabres, and still stagecoaches and stuff. The one main rebellion is struggling to survive is trying to work with Mexico and France. France is also about to attack the East Coast. So, join!


1. Follow the Protocol

2. PG or so. Common sense!

3. No magic.

4. The Time period has revolvers as the best pistols, a improved fire musket (The special ridged barrel or whatever) Cannons and wright brother style plane.

5. You may play one of the rulers, perhaps!


Name: Nathaniel Roberts

Age: 14 and a half

Race: Caucasian Male

Weapons: Nathaniel has two revolvers. And uses muskets. He also carries a Grenado

Occupation: Nathaniel is a printing apprentice.

Personality: Nathaniel is calm and collected, and is very paitent

Background: Nathaniel grew up on a small farm outside of Boston, and soon went into the big town to become a printer's apprentice. He got caught up as a messenger in the rebellion.

Abilities:Nathaniel can fly a plane, and is quite a talented horseman.


Name: Morgan Santiago Alvardo

Gender: Male

Age: 33

Race: Caucasian/Hispanic

Weapons: Claymore, three revolvers, a Winchester repeating rifle, and a Bowie knife

Clothing: White tunic, brown jerkin, and leather gloves, as well as a black hooded cloak.

Appearance: Long, greasy Snape-ish black hair (but much longer), a walrus mustache, and a wide beard.

Occupation: Mercenary, currently paid to fight for the Mexicans

Personality: Ruthless and cunning.

Background: Morgan's father was a Scottish immigrant to America, and his wife was Mexican. Morgan may have a faint brogue, but he takes after his mother more (no, she didn't have a beard). He became a mercenary and, after ending up with a 5,000 pound sterlings as a price on his head, Morgan fled to Mexico, where his mother's family welcolmed him and got him to be paid by the Mexicans to attack British villages with his mercenary company in the Midwest.