Chapter one

Matthias stood clutching a staff. He stood on a hill, waiting for Glorros. Matthias's emerald eyes focused on the hillside. His black hair shining in the sunlight.


ello Matthias!" Glorros said, as she popped up beside him. She was wearing a blue dress, her big hazel eyes looking at the view. Her brown colored hair sitting in place. Her height was only a little shorter than Matthias's own.

"Hello, Glorros. Shall we head to the Tavern or enjoy the warm day?" Glorros opened her mouth.

But before she could speak a ball of fire zoomed toward them and she was cut off as Matthias tackled her out of the way. Matthias stood up, if he had all of his weapons he would have rushed in and started fighting. But he only had one revolver, with silver bullets, one dragon-neck scale severing dagger, and his staff. Glorros stared intently at the dragon, Matthias rushed forward.

"What the heck are you doing?" Glorros screamed after him.

"Commiting suicide what does it look like?" He replied, jumping in the air.

The dragon exhaled, and fire shot out of his maw. Matthias rolled to the side and leap at the dragon. He was caught by the dragon's tail, and flew backward. He stood up, brushed himself off and asked Glorros

"Any ideas?" Smiling, Glorros replied "This."

Her brow creased. Her eyes closed, and wind picked up. The dragon seemed to wither, if that was possible. Then, it whistled. The whistle's magic knocked Glorros down. The distraction worked for Matthias, he rushed forward. Slashing at the dragon's tail with the dagger, it severed the end of it's tail.

Easily, the tail swung at his leg. Matthias leaped above the tail, and somehow, through a mix of walking and running, Got back to Glorros.

"Hm how do yo-" He ducked under a fireball "-u think this is going?" Glorros glares at him.

Wondering how he could be so calm. Matthias ran toward the dragon, it swiftly thrusted his claw against Matthias's chest. He fell backward and rolled. Two arrows quickly jutted into the Dragon's face. They exploded with Ice, coating some of the dragons face. The source of the arrow fell beside Glorros and Matthias.

He looked at them and spoke"Get away. Civilans. I will take care of this".

Matthias laughed. "Ha! No way man. I'll duel this Dragon too!"

Matthias jumped forward slashing. The dragon breathed and burned the ice. Fire burned at Matthias, and he rolled through the air. "This won't be easy." He turned and looked at the newcomer. He had brown hair, and blue eyes. Wore Veitnam Combat boots, combat jeans, black kimono shirt and a black drover trench coat with a hood. He had a Hunnic style longbow, two knifes, and a scythe.

He drew two more arrows, looking at them. "Dragon trackers?" he asked.

Matthias looked at the man, and said "Yes, and...Who are you?".

The man replied "Varin Skulblaka-Yondo. Lets go!". He began to shoot arrows, Matthias was knocked backward at another breath of fire.

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