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  • I live in Octupus's Garden
  • My occupation is I am the Eggman, we are the Eggmen, I am the Walrus
  • I am Male.
  • Rawfan56

    Epirus Throne

    November 4, 2011 by Rawfan56

    The Epirus Empire has been the rulers of most of the world since Rome began. Now, where steam is the best technology of the age.Epirus Empire is prospering beyond belief. But the Epirus Empire only have two things to fear Asia and America. Alcheron III is newly discovered heir to the Pyrrhic dynasty. But, we, are the Seventy-Third Milita, handpicked. Healers, warriors, engineers, tacticians. We must take down the tyrants of Asia-America, and make Epirus the best of them all.

    1. Follow Common sense.

    2. NO cursing.

    3. No ubering.

    4. Be cool.

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  • Rawfan56

    Colony Forever

    July 20, 2011 by Rawfan56

    Welcome! This RPG is slightly made with Thorn helping me, so, Credit him too :P

    This RPG is set in 1999, but, America is still under the control of the Brits. We are constantly patrolled by the Redcoats. The Mexicans under the rule of Emperor Salvador II, working with the French are trying to push the edge of their border, in Utah, farther. The British have Canada under their control, but the Nunavat and Alaska are still owned by Russia. Rebellions are starting to sprout, but they are getting beat down nearly as fast. Think of the technology as muskets, that are faster to reload, better flintlock pistols, regular sabres, and still stagecoaches and stuff. The one main rebellion is struggling to survive is trying to work with Mexico and Franc…

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  • Rawfan56

    Jade Ketchum looked over her pokemon. Bulbastripe was her starter, and she had caught a Rawitle, and a Thornolu. She heard something over to her side, and a Redvyle was there! She sent out her Bulbastripe.

    Bulbastripe uses Bluewrath.

    Redvyle uses Might-cutter! It's supereffective!

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  • Rawfan56

    Pride Lands

    May 10, 2011 by Rawfan56

    Welcome to the Lion RPG. We live in the Africa. We live in a large pride, and meet with other Prides. But protect our land, from the hyenas. Recall, we have occupations

    1. Follow rules for my other RPGS

    2. PROTCOL

    3.....Have fun or i'll will kille you. THAT MUST HAPPEN YOU MUST HAVE FUN


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  • Rawfan56

    Book One: Dragonhunters

    April 27, 2011 by Rawfan56

    Matthias stood clutching a staff. He stood on a hill, waiting for Glorros. Matthias's emerald eyes focused on the hillside. His black hair shining in the sunlight.


    ello Matthias!" Glorros said, as she popped up beside him. She was wearing a blue dress, her big hazel eyes looking at the view. Her brown colored hair sitting in place. Her height was only a little shorter than Matthias's own.

    "Hello, Glorros. Shall we head to the Tavern or enjoy the warm day?" Glorros opened her mouth.

    But before she could speak a ball of fire zoomed toward them and she was cut off as Matthias tackled her out of the way. Matthias stood up, if he had all of his weapons he would have rushed in and started fighting. But he only had one revolver, with silver bullet…

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