This is a Multiplayer game. In this RPG the goal is to Eliminate the other team by killing its members while surviving In The Wilderness and gathering weapons and supplies from Hidden Chests.


No swearing
No Ridiculous or Impossible actions
No invincibility 

The Basics

Each Player must Choose a Starting kit for his/her character to start off with. There are two teams -Red and Blue- with 3 players each. Once There are 6 Players with their signatures on the sign up sheet and their characters at my talk page, The game will start. Whoever Signs for a Team first is the Leader and Will open a blog page with the team members and kits.

Areas, Examples, and Surroundings

Attack Example: When you are attacking Something/Someone do this pattern - I Shoot/Slash/Stab (Name of person/animal)s (head,leg,foot etc.) with (equipped weapon).

Surroundings Example:

Your team is on a plains, there is Three Enemy Players, Demetrius, Phineas, and Genovesan, they have 2 Rifles and 1 assault rifle equipped.

Now what's alarming is the enemy players. Each team gets a post with their Teams actions and movements, and Looking at the enemy teams blog post is cheating.

Starting Kits

Here is the variety of kits you can pick. Only choose one for each person.

Hunters Kit: Rifle with 1 shot, Rations, Small Knife

Soldier Kit: Assault Rifle with 10 shots, pistol with 3

Support Kit: Healing stone and Bag of Food(Canned food, Rations, Cold Rations)

Survival Kit: Large Knife, Longsword, Rations

Character Sheet




Stats:(you get 10 points to spend on the stats)



Health and Attack Damage

Head: 20

Torso: 50

Legs: 20

Feet: 10

Assault Rifle: 20 damage

Rifle: 50 damage

Pistol: 10 Damage

Sign up

Team Red:

Slot 1

Slot 2

Slot 3

Team Blue:

Slot 1

Slot 2

Slot 3

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