My private RPG session problems

Ok, I am in abit of a pickle, and I have no clue what to do, here's my problem, I was using the www rpging speeqe with Armel, late last night, and I was still on the Redwall wars speeqe chatting to Skal, so she asked if we could RPG and I was like, sure thing, and I gave her the www rpging speeqe link instead of the rpging speeqe, then I remembered I was using the www rpg speeqe and gave her the right rpging speeqe, later on she comes on the www rpging speeqe and has a total hissy fit (Melt down) and said I replaced her, which is not true, I was doing my private RPG session with Armel, we were trying to continue a story RPG me and her (Armel) were doing and Skal tuke things the wrong way.

I exsplained to her TWICE! that I do private RPG sessions with all of my friends on speeqe, mostly these people Biggren, Armel, Nitram, Skal, Blue, Lath and Pinedance and Silver. And she still thought I replaced her, so I kept on exsplanining to her that I do private RPG's with other speeqe users that I get along with pretty well, I don't know what the big deal is, I do private RPG sessions with people who are fun, is it wrong to have private RPG sessions with other people, does anyone know what to do? I'm stuck in a HUGE web of confusion and guilt.

Saying goodbye to a friend is hard

Jadefang, a very cool friend of mine and of all of us on Redwall Wars Wiki and Speeqe left yesterday, which is very sad, so here is a song that will probably fit Jade's leaving :'(
Green Day Time of Your Life(Good Riddance) Lyrics02:34

Green Day Time of Your Life(Good Riddance) Lyrics

My goodbye song for Jadefang (Jade)

Friendship in crises.

Yo, I might be paronoid about this crap, but I think Salem no longer likes me, we hardly RPG anymore, and she hardly comes onto speeqe to chat with me, which bums me out, and lately, she been RPGing with Red, I think she rather RPG with Red, then a piece of crap like me, heck, who can blame her, I'm not fun anymore, and her RPGing with Red than me, proves it, which is starting to make me question my friendship with both Salem and Red.

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