This is an RPG I made for all those Sonic the Hedgehog fans out there on this Wiki site, and for those who miss the old Sonic The Hedgehog games and for those who just love that loveable blue hedgehog that we know as Sonic.

Notice:This RPG is Open again :D


  1. Follow th main protocol and everything will be ok.
  2. You can play as your own Sonic the hedgehog character or make your own Sonic the hedgehog character.
  3. If you want to create your own Sonic the hedgehog character make sure to enter his or her character form in a comment or place it on my talk page.
  4. Hve fun and if you want to change your character name or something, that is fine by me.
  5. If anyone does anything that upsets you, you can tell me and I will report it to an adminastrator or if I am not around you can report them to the local adminastrator.

Character Bios

This is for all the characters who have been made up by users for the RPG.


I think I'll add a chara to this RPG.

Bio: A wandering Hedgehog.

The name is Pit.

Appearance: Fat. He is brown furred and prickly (Duh!). He wears the usual gloves that everyone in the Sonic series wears (At least for this RPG)

Psyche: Lazy body and friendly. Likes to mostly lay down and enjoy the scenery or nap. Has few manners. :)

Fighting Style: Uses a Pikoham for defense (Is the kind of hammer Amy uses).

Luna and Sol

Name: Luna and Sol

Gender: Female(Luna), Male(Sol)

Species: both foxs

Appearance: Luna: midnight blue fur with white underbelly, wears a black version of the gloves the rest of the series wear, has a crescent moon birthmark on her forehead. Also, there are crescent moons on the palm side of her gloves. Wears black running shoes.

Sol: Yellow fur (not like Tail's fur, cause his is orange.) with white underbelly, has teh white gloves of everyone else in the series. Adorns a sun birthmark on his forehead. has a sun on the palm side of each glove. wears yellow and white running shoes.

Personality: Luna: Quiet and reserved, she is a little shy, doesnt like talking to anyone but her brother, is very protective of him.

Sol: Brash and bold, he loves a good fight, but is intelligent enough to know when and when not to fight. Even though they were both born on the same day, Sol will occasionally play the big brother role with his sister. (although he is only older by a few minutes.), he never cracks under pressure. He can make friends very well.

Anything else: Luna and Sol have an unnatural ability to, when holding hands, perform Chaos Control (havent decided which, or what powers they will have, besides strength and speed.)





Appearance:A Black hedegehog wearing a hi-tech suit.

Personality:Had the personality of his father(Sonic),but is now a very serious person.

Misc. :Future son of Sonic and Amy.

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