Cobra commander

Our friendly janitor/Evil terrorist Commander

Country Mouse and City Mouse

Emily and Alexander's Bed And Breakfast Inn, the only place that will make you feel at home

This is an RPG I made, it is a randome RPG where you, the players can be part of the staff or a coustomer in the inn, you can use any current character you want, or make a new character.


Welcome to Emily and Alexander's Bed And Breakfast inn, the inn that will make you feel a home, and we sponcer RPGs and anything else you want us to sponcer, if you have any complaints of our sponcer dealership, please whine to Alexander, he is a whiner himself, we have lots of entertainment, we have a games room, a swimming pool, and anything else you'd like.

Inn Rules

  1. No parking in Staff parking lot.
  2. No littering.
  3. Please remember to bring your clothes, we didn't bother in getting a clothing store.
  4. All coustomers must have cash or checks, no credit cards...till next week.
  5. Remember to have your photo taken before you leave.
  6. We are not responcible for any deaths or accidents of friends, relitives or family members, and suing us will not help, thats why we advice you to read our rules.
  7. Please don't swear, all coustomers who swear will be thrown out or sued.

RPG rules

  1. Follow the main protocol
  2. Each user/player can have unlimited characters
  3. Players can play as any animal species they want.
  4. Be polite with other players.
  5. put your character info and bio in a comment or on my talk page

Character info



Eye color:


Days visiting:


Player as:






Position in the Inn:

Characters list

Staff List

Inn Manager:Emily

Inn co-manager:Alexander

Janitor:Cobra Commander

Head chef:Cobra Commander

Rest of work is HELP WANTED!

Cobra Commander

Gender: Male.

Eye color: Either brown or Black.

Species: Red Fox.

Place of Origin: The Northlands.

Appearance: Cobra Commander appears wears blue clothing with the Cobra symble on the right side of his uniform, he wears a hood or a mask, but mostly a mask, he can also change his appearance when he chooses to.

Weapons: Cobra Commander has all kinds of weapons, but he mostly carry's a pistol with him, he also uses it during battle against his enemies, and enemies to his organization.

Personality: Wicked, greedy, ruthless, cowardly, controling, rich, arrogant, all-powerful, jealous, all that makes Cobra Commander a good leader, plus selfishness.

Backstory: Cobra Commander is the ruthless leader of the terroist organization known as Cobra, the ruthless terrorist organization determined to rule the world of Redwall, though they have tryed to take over Redwall countless times, and some other places, the woodlanders and Long Patrol manage to defeat them, causing the Commander to show either his cowardly or ruthless side, depends on how the mission turns out.

Age:Some where in his mid 30s early 40s.

Relationships: Destro (Partner in Cobra) The Baroness (Also Partner in Cobra)

Family: Cobra is his family, DUH!

Visitors and Coustomers List

Redmight Sunstrike


eye color-red


Days visiting-weekends

appearance-white fur and wearing a black cowboy duster, has a black cowboy hat too


Personality-calm and kind to whoever he meets, is completly obsessed with orange juice and strawberry sundaes

backstory-after defeating evil doers in the west and postapocalyptic wastelands, red take a well desereved rest in his favorite inn every weekend only to be thrown out at the end of the day for drinking all the juice, that doesn't stop him from returning though.



Family-two really crazy brothers

position in inn- customer

Thornclaw Braveheart

Gender: Male

Eye color: Green

Species: Stoat

Days visiting: Random visits

Appearance: Dark-brown fur and what looks like a tuft of fur from chin (yes, beard).

Oops, I forgot...

Clothing: White tunic and jerkin, as well as several belts and leggigns and a hodded camo cloak.

Weapons: Trademark Zweihander, longbow, assorted knives/daggers, and a right-paw steel gauntlet.

Player as: Thornclaw Braveheart

Personality: Cocky yet ruthless, but if anyone wants to steal something from this inn, Thorn will stop 'em.

Backstory: Abandoned by parents for a slight caring attitude and was trained in Salamandastron and has defeated countless warlords. Now Thorn always comes to Emily and Alexander's Bed and Breakfast with his 20 Rangers for some relaxation.

Age: 47

Relationships: Thornclaw never makes close friendships, because he worries that that relationship can be used against him.

Family: They're all dead.


Gender: Male

Eye color: Blue

Species: Ferret

Days visiting: Pretty much every weekend

Appearance: Tony is also a pur white ferret and he wears a brown tunic and sometimes blue jeans and a jacket covering his Tunic which he wears on small occasions.

Weapons: Tony carris his family's Tommy Gun and sawed off shotgun he also carries a collection of daggers, and a sword.

Personality: Tony is a wiched awsome friend to others and he always knows how to cheer people up with his great since of humor, he is also the only ferret in his family who cares for others besides himself.

Backstory: Tony was born in a family that ran the organized crime of Mossflower, when he was 14 he tuke over the Mafia business after his father was murdered by 2 blood thirsty beasts, when he was 16 he was well known for being most respected Mossflower Gangster and was made Don of Mossflower on his 17th birthday, after becoming the head Don, Tony opened a night club/bar called Tony's and he opened up more bars with the same name in Noonvale and Salamandastron, after that Tony continued his work in the Mafia game.

Age: 18

Relationships: Jenny (Ex girlfriend) has some gangster friends through out Mossflower. Richy (Best friend)

Family: Andy (Cousin) Nickie, (Half sister) Father (Unkown) Mother (Nickie's mother) Emily (Girlfriend at the inn)

Redwood Springfern

Gender: Female

Eye color: Amber

Species: (Red) Squirrel

Days visiting: Monday through Thursday

Appearance: Is a small, medium-height medium-weight red squirrel who wears a green tunic, a matching cloak, and also wears a leather belt containing a sheathed dirk, which she rarely uses.

Player as: SalemtheCruel

Personality: Is a bit on the quiet side; can be warm to her friends and family but is wary when making new friends.

Backstory: Redwood was a baby when her parents were slain during a vermin invasion of an otherwise peaceful woods. She was adopted in secret by Slicktail, a ratmaid who was a horde deserter, and was also at the time sheltering her former master's infant daughter, Onepaw. Years later, just when Slicktail thought they were safe, Onepaw's father, Jisky Bloodtooth the warlord, passed through the area again and learned of Slicktail (but not Onepaw's) survival. He burned the house to the ground; killing Slicktail. Onepaw and Redwood had already escaped by then, but at seperate times. Each thought the other was dead and they still do not know otherwise.

Age: 16

Relationships: None yet

Family: Slicktail (adopted mother, dead) Onepaw (adopted sister)

Position in the Inn: Guest

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