This is my own fanfic Television show, which I made just cause I am bored :P

Country Mouse and City Mouse

This Show is Sponcered by Emily and Alexander's Bed And Breakfast Inn, Located in North of Mossflower

Chapter 1:Alpha and Omega

The camras all point at Lazlow

Lazlow: "Hey, welcome to Chatterbox Talk Show, the number 1 TV talk show in the world, though not as famous as stupid Oprah!... Well today we have 3 guests on the show today, our guest is Kate."

Kate:waves "Hi guys."

The Audience cheers

Lazlow: "Next on the show its, oh geeze, this name is really funny, we have Humphrey, well thats a nice name, Humphrey ladies and gentlemen."

The Audiece cheers

Humphrey:laughs "You can thank my mom for that, when I was like 6 hours old, my mom had no idea for a name, so she pondered for a while, till it came to her, Humphrey it is, she said and sge named me Humphrey."

Laslow: "Wow, and I thought my name was cool...our next and 3rd guest is, now this isn't right slaps his face We have Salty, seriously, can we do a switch with someone else, how about Emily from The Country Mouse and City Mouse Adventures?"

The Audience cheers

Salty: "Yo, whats up guys?"

Kate: "Oh my word, I'd rather have my mother on here than you." snorts in disgust

Salty: "Who the beep asked you, I was invited here, ok?"

Lazlow: "Hey you, dude with the bad hair, no swearing on my show, its a family show."

Salty: "Ahh, ok."

Lazlow: "Anyway, for our security, we have, Cobra Commander"

Cobra Commander is talking on his cell phone

Kate: "Great, and I thought having Salty on your show was bad enough."

Humphrey: "Shut up, Kate or I'll get our friend, the sercurity guard to throw you out."

Audience: "Ooohhh"

Lazlow: "Ok, shut up guys, and lets get started with the show, ok Kate you are first, so tell us, what was it like being in Alpha and Omega?"

Kate: "It was totally awsome, and I was good in the movie, but the one thing I didn't like was the food, it was crap, who in their right mind would eat berries, I eat all kinds of foods, veggies and fruit included, but no beep way I am eating berries."

Humphrey: "Actually, berries are good, in that one scene where I ate berries, they tasted nice, though the director said to hate the berries, what an idiot that guy was.

Salty: "I'll say, did you see that one line he gave me at the Moonlight howl scene, it sucked like really bad.

Kate: "Atleast your ears didn't have to suffer through Garth's beep singing, and he was on Jasper Idols for crying out loud."

Lazlow: "Ok...before you say anything else, lets goto the phones, ok caller on line 6, we are talking to Emily from the countryside of Ohio, you are on live."

Lazlow hits the button

Emily: "Hey Lazlow, I just want to say hi to Kate, and to say that you were awsome, and the movie you and Humphrey did was great"

Kate: "Thanks, I was hoping we'd do Paranha, but NO! Humphrey said he hates fish, and you think that was embarrassing enough, he whined alot during the scene where it rained."

Emily: "I know what you mean, I wanted to be in Anaconda, but Alexander wanted to be in a cartoon series instead, what a sissy."

Kate:laughs "That I can understand, and I saw the show, it was awsome, too bad those idiots only gave you guys 3 seasons."

Emily: "I know, stupid idiots!"

Lazlow: perpously hits the cut off switch "Oops, my finger hit the cut off switch, anyway it seems its time for our commical break."

Audience claps

Announcer: "You sick of your neigbours kid throwing a wild party, simply get a very easy awnser for that problem, get the "Feast" monsters, they will make any wild party host, wish they had a party somewhere else."

WARNING:"In any perchese of the Feast monsters is not responsible for the death of family member or the neigbourhood looking like a warzone."

Yogi Bear: "Sick and tired of pic-a-nic backets, Yogi Bear,s pic-a-nic backet clean up will be there in a giffy, as long as they get to eat the left overs" Ranger Smith in the back ground "YOGI! give me my camra "Oh, better go"

Audience cheers as the show commical are over

Lazlow: "Welcome back to Chatterbox TV, where you can chat with me and all of my guests, and ratings have gone through the roof, in your face OPRAH!"

Salty: snickers "Oprah is ok man, but don't get your hopes up if ya are wanting to meet her."

Lazlow: "I'd rather meet a really hungry lion then meet Oprah."

The Audience laughs

Kate: "Who doesn't hate Oprah, she is awsome, and really good, I went on Oprah during the filming of Alpha and Omega, till Dumhrey here points to Humphrey decided to break dance and accidently broke Oprah's neck."

Audience boos at Humphrey

Salty: Laughs "You got booed at, man, they did that on Oprah aswell."

Lazlow:"I take it back, I'm glad you went on Oprah first and not Chatterbox." Laughs

Kate: "Man, it was awsome being on Oprah, but not as awsome as being on here" grins

Humphrey: "You got that right, she didn't give us any free lunches, but Chatterbox did, as we came in the doors."

Salty: "Yeah, but we all know why we are not going back to Oprah." glares at Humphrey

Humphery: "Oh no, you're not blaming me for breaking Oprah's leg, I thought we went through that, it was an accident."

Lazlow: "Well, thats nice but it seems the time is up for todays show, thanks for coming onto the show, oh by the way, if I catch you guys TPing my car, I'll send our friendly security guards after you, well goodnight everyne."

Chapter 2:Puppy in My Pocket

Lazlow: "Hey, welcome to Chatterbox TV show, the most coolist tv show in thw world, ok today we are sponcering the number 1 toy selling product, and having the TV show's characters on Chatterbox, yes you guessed it, we got Puppy in My pocket, guest staring on the show, it was them or we have Surpentor, the emporer of Cobra, so lets meet our first gues, she is the princess of Pocketville and loves rock and roll and listening to goth music, our first guest is Eva"

Audience boos as Eva walks onto the show

Eva: "Oh shut up, you lousey idiots, who asked you anyway, stupid beep.

Lazlow: "Wow, how charming, I bet lots of people love meeting you, Eva." sighs "I hate to be the lucky guy who marry's you."

Eva: gags "Why in the world would I want to get married?"

Lazlow: "I was being sarcastic, geeze for the tv series main villian, you suck at seeing sarcasm."

Lazlow gets his face scrached by Eva

Lazlow: is covered in banadges "Well, I learned my lesson. winces "Never tick off a cat with a bad temper. anyway, our next guest isn't a hot head, but she is really sweet, Princess Ava is on the show aswell."

The Audience cheers

Ava: smiles and waves, as she comes onto the stage, along side with alot of security guards "Thank you, thank you everyone. sits down in her seat

Lazlow: "Wow, you got lots of fans, it must be your personality."

Eva: "No, its because she is a beep goody two shoes, and she thinks, she is the queen of England."

Audience boos at Eva, once again

Lazlow: "Shut up Eva, or I'll call security to kick you out."

Eva: "I'd love to see that, Lazlow, and I thought you were the mand of the people?"

Lazlow: "That was Alic Shrub, you idiot...Oh crap"

Lazlow is attacked by Eva, again, the Audience boos at Eva and security, Niko Bellic comes and breaks up the fight

Niko Bellic: few minutes later "NOW! stop fighting with others, you selfish beep or I'll throw you out, with out being called."

The Audience cheers for Niko

Ava: "Oh Eva has always been like that, I remember when we were back in Pocketville High, Eva snuck in food into class, and she kept on getting caught by the teacher."

Eva: "Thats cause you always snitched on me."

Lazlow: "Ok, and our third guest is, the third main character of the show, Kate welcome to the show."

The Audience cheers for Kate, as she walks onto the stage, with her, her dog, Magic

Kate: waves and walks onto the stage and sits down "Oh thank you very much for inviting me here, Lazlow."

Lazlow: "You're welcome, well look at that, a nice girl with great manners, thats fantastic."

Eva: "Well if you ask me, its discusting spits you don't see me doing that on the show, unless I was dared to, which would be so annoying."

Ava: "Oh Eva, stop being such a child, what would the others say?"

Laslow: :Well, we havn't started the show yet, and we already going to have a riot, lets cut to the commicals."

Announcer: "Tired of annoying Royal guards chasing you around, just call Eva's Royal Guards pest control, the best place to get rid of Royal guards, when you want some Royal person's autograpth."

Eva: "Its so simple, I'll give you a truck of AK 47's with Cobra Command fire ammotion, only avalible at Ammu-Nation gun store, or you can call me at the link on TV, its so simple, my stupid sister, Ava could do it."

Melinda: "Sick of people walking on your lawn, I have a salution to that problem, just call Jason Voorhees's Intruders be gone, exstermanator service, they work way better than the police do shows the police handing in their badges Thats how cool we are"

Lazow: "Ok, welcome back to Chatterbox TV, now we got things settled down, lets begin with Ava, so, what is the main pourpes of the show?"

Ava: smiles "Its all bout me and all of the citizens of Pocketville, and not to mention we are releasing the very first Pocketville shopping mall, where you can by characters from the TV show."

Lazlow: "Wow, thats so amazing, maybe I should go there with my wife and kids, they would love it."

Eva: "I've made my own items to sell at the mall, like Eva's coffee mugs of awsomeness, or I'm with stupid, with the words on the shirt and an arrow pointing at Ava."

Kate: "Thats not nice, but the coffee mugs are a good idea, we can open a coffee mug stand."

Lazlow: "Wow Ava, you must listen to Kate and Eva, they both have good ideas, well lets listen to some callers, we got a caller on line 9, from San Andreas, welcome to Chatterbox."

Ceaser: "Hey Lazlow, I just want to shout out to Ava and Eva, you guys are so awsome, I love how you both have your get along and fight, situations, but when I saw you sending Ava to the City, That wasn't cool, ese, you don't see me doing that."

Eva: "Oh why thank you for calling, now go jump off a bridge."

Audience laughs

Ava: "Don't be mean, oh ignore Eva. she is just being silly, so what do you like bout our show?"

Ceaser: "Its really groovy, ecspecially the theme song, it reminds me of the 60s, so totaly awsome."

Lazlow: "Cool, thanks for calling, Ceaser, now we got another call on line 4, from New York, Hey Jake Long, welcome to Chatterbox."

Jake: "Yo homie, I just want to give a little holla to Ava and her crew of the tv series, my little sister, Heyle loves watching the show, its so awsome, and I have to agree with her."

Ava: "Wow, even boys like the tv show."

Jake: "Yo, you got dat right, Ava, Jakie out!" hangs up

Kate: "What an intresting fellow, that Jake fellow was."

Lazlow: "That it was, but for now, its time for anoter of our spouncers."

commicals start

Announcer: Sick and tired of being dissed by people for lousy bling, then come to Pocketville Jewlers, where you be given your own necklace, wrist band or wrist bracelet, and only for 99,99, it is that cheap, and for the real ones with heart shaped jewels in them, are also a mear 99,99. Yes, we give the best to anyone"

Keven: "I got this bracelet for myself and another for my mom one for Mother's Day, and they matching bracelets, and best thing about them, if you want them to be safe, simply put them around your pet's neck or into a safe, I put mine around my dog's neck, cause I even want my dog to look cool."

Announcer: "You will be so happy with your jewels, you won't let anyone bother you with their pity problems"

Wallace: "Tired of being lost, well look no more, Wallace's Service will help you get around the city, and if you ever run into the Pet Buster, simply do this.

Wallace gets out a shotgun and aims it at the Pet Buster "Ok baldy, get lost before I blow your head off"

The pet buster mumbles and walks off

Wallace: grins "See, and also we will give you a weapon of your own choice, only for 90.99, and a set of bullets, absalutely free!"

Announcer: "Any problems with Wallace's service, please goto www.Wallace's for further help, Wallace's Services don't give any refunds after the 4 week"

Kid: "I was like lost, and after talking to Wallace for help, he hooked me up with a GPS and a nice MP3 player"

To Be Continued.

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