• Nikolai Banks

    This is an RPG I made, it is a randome RPG where you, the players can be part of the staff or a coustomer in the inn, you can use any current character you want, or make a new character.

    Welcome to Emily and Alexander's Bed And Breakfast inn, the inn that will make you feel a home, and we sponcer RPGs and anything else you want us to sponcer, if you have any complaints of our sponcer dealership, please whine to Alexander, he is a whiner himself, we have lots of entertainment, we have a games room, a swimming pool, and anything else you'd like.

    1. No parking in Staff parking lot.
    2. No littering.
    3. Please remember to bring your clothes, we didn't bother in getting a clothing store.
    4. All coustomers must have cash or checks, no credit cards...till next week…

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  • Nikolai Banks

    This is my own fanfic Television show, which I made just cause I am bored :P

    The camras all point at Lazlow

    Lazlow: "Hey, welcome to Chatterbox Talk Show, the number 1 TV talk show in the world, though not as famous as stupid Oprah!... Well today we have 3 guests on the show today, our guest is Kate."

    Kate:waves "Hi guys."

    The Audience cheers

    Lazlow: "Next on the show its, oh geeze, this name is really funny, we have Humphrey, well thats a nice name, Humphrey ladies and gentlemen."

    The Audiece cheers

    Humphrey:laughs "You can thank my mom for that, when I was like 6 hours old, my mom had no idea for a name, so she pondered for a while, till it came to her, Humphrey it is, she said and sge named me Humphrey."

    Laslow: "Wow, and I thought my name was co…

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  • Nikolai Banks

    Ok, I am in abit of a pickle, and I have no clue what to do, here's my problem, I was using the www rpging speeqe with Armel, late last night, and I was still on the Redwall wars speeqe chatting to Skal, so she asked if we could RPG and I was like, sure thing, and I gave her the www rpging speeqe link instead of the rpging speeqe, then I remembered I was using the www rpg speeqe and gave her the right rpging speeqe, later on she comes on the www rpging speeqe and has a total hissy fit (Melt down) and said I replaced her, which is not true, I was doing my private RPG session with Armel, we were trying to continue a story RPG me and her (Armel) were doing and Skal tuke things the wrong way.

    I exsplained to her TWICE! that I do private RPG se…

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  • Nikolai Banks

    This is an RPG I made for all those Sonic the Hedgehog fans out there on this Wiki site, and for those who miss the old Sonic The Hedgehog games and for those who just love that loveable blue hedgehog that we know as Sonic.

    Notice:This RPG is Open again :D

    1. Follow th main protocol and everything will be ok.
    2. You can play as your own Sonic the hedgehog character or make your own Sonic the hedgehog character.
    3. If you want to create your own Sonic the hedgehog character make sure to enter his or her character form in a comment or place it on my talk page.
    4. Hve fun and if you want to change your character name or something, that is fine by me.
    5. If anyone does anything that upsets you, you can tell me and I will report it to an adminastrator or if I am no…

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