• Nikolai Banks

    My OC Characters

    March 13, 2012 by Nikolai Banks

    This is now my new characters blog, for my OC Characters.

    Gender: Male

    Eye color: Blue, left eye slightly darker blue.

    Species: Golden Retriever

    Place of Origin: Pocketville

    Appearance: He looks similar to his brother, William, but Willis has a scar like birth mark on his right ear, his collar is a blue color, just like William's but is slightly darker, matching his left eye.

    Weapons: Has only a small knife which he uses for fishing.

    Personality: Willis is bit of a prankster, he is alos adventureous and a bright puppy. He can be bit of a pest sometimes, but he is a really nice and yet charming fellow.

    Backstory: Willis was born along with his brother, William, they lived in the village close to the castle, during his school years, Willis always li…

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  • Nikolai Banks

    To change the subject of my predicament thanks of you know who, I am changing the subject with a fanfic I been thinking of making while in Millstream.

    This story is based off the Dawn of the Dead movies, as well as the Redwall Series, it is pure fiction with a few book characters of my own choice, with a few of my OC characters in it, as well. The story happens after the events of Mattimeo (book) if you wish to have your own characters in this Story or want to ask any questions, contact me at Niko Banks or on my Facebook or Twitter page. or contact me by email, you must ask me for it first.

    Ok, the idea is that the dead (anything that is dead, woodlanders, vermin or Redwallers) have been placed with a curse of an evil fox, who happens to be …

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  • Nikolai Banks

    Special Chat Blog

    September 22, 2011 by Nikolai Banks

    This is a special chat blog I have made for only those I choose to talk to, when they can't get onto Speeqe or Wiki Chat.

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  • Nikolai Banks

    This is an RPG I made, it is a randome RPG where you, the players can be part of the staff or a coustomer in the inn, you can use any current character you want, or make a new character.

    Welcome to Emily and Alexander's Bed And Breakfast inn, the inn that will make you feel a home, and we sponcer RPGs and anything else you want us to sponcer, if you have any complaints of our sponcer dealership, please whine to Alexander, he is a whiner himself, we have lots of entertainment, we have a games room, a swimming pool, and anything else you'd like.

    1. No parking in Staff parking lot.
    2. No littering.
    3. Please remember to bring your clothes, we didn't bother in getting a clothing store.
    4. All coustomers must have cash or checks, no credit cards...till next week…

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  • Nikolai Banks

    This is my own fanfic Television show, which I made just cause I am bored :P

    The camras all point at Lazlow

    Lazlow: "Hey, welcome to Chatterbox Talk Show, the number 1 TV talk show in the world, though not as famous as stupid Oprah!... Well today we have 3 guests on the show today, our guest is Kate."

    Kate:waves "Hi guys."

    The Audience cheers

    Lazlow: "Next on the show its, oh geeze, this name is really funny, we have Humphrey, well thats a nice name, Humphrey ladies and gentlemen."

    The Audiece cheers

    Humphrey:laughs "You can thank my mom for that, when I was like 6 hours old, my mom had no idea for a name, so she pondered for a while, till it came to her, Humphrey it is, she said and sge named me Humphrey."

    Laslow: "Wow, and I thought my name was co…

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