Welcome to my first Adviction Wiki RPG, I hope you like it and it does not bore you to death..


Follow the Protocol

No casting spells on eachother unless you want to end up in the Dark Forest, unless you choose to duel in the Batlle Arena, in which case, a professor or Madame Willow must be present.

you must be a regular human, and maybe even a regular human name.

Have fun!

Characters MUST be posted on my talk page, if you do not follow this rule, you will be turned into a ferret

No using magic to cheat in class, doing so will get you thrown in the Dark Forest for the night.

Any questions, please report them to Madame Willow's office, (My talk page)


Specialties are the kinds of magic you can pick from, you may only choose one.

Pyromancy - Fire Magic

Thaugmaturgy - Water Magic

Necromancy - Dark Magic

Divination - see into the future (very rare, only one person may have a Diviner)

Theurgistry - Life Magic, Healing

Conjuration - Summoning Mythological Creatures

Aeromancy - Wind Magic.


Depending on the Specialty you pick, you will be place in a dorm, or House, each house is supplied with anything a teenage magician could want, These Houses are your homes, the other magicians in the House, your family, (dysfunctional or not)

The Fire Pit - Pyromancers love to hang out here during their free time. Warning: Watch for fiery personalities.

The Lake - Thaugmaturgs love this place, its so cool its freezing. Be watchful: some Thaugmaturgs have cold hearts.

The Graveyard - Necromancers spend most of their time in here. Warning: Smells of death.

The Oasis - Diviners love to look into the small pool to see the future, Caution: What you see may be what you get.

The Glade - Theurgists love to spend calm afternoons in here, Be mindful of man-eating plants.

The Cave - Conjurers love to practice their magic here. Careful: Possible Centaurs running through the halls.

The Venti - Aeromancers enjoy this windy house, Beware: be careful of tornadoes


Your permission slip (your character) must be in this format

Name: Duh

Gender: Male or Female

Specialty: Light or Dark, Fire or Water etc.

Description: what does your char look like?

Personality: what does your char act like?

Madame Willow

Gender: Female

Specialty: None, she is a mastet of all magics

Description: tall, skinny, wears a spidersilk robe enchanted to look the color red, red frizzy hair.

Personality: Loves all her students, except the troublemakers, loves to use magic for simple tasks.

Mrs. Soliel

Gender: Female

Specialty: Pyromancy, she is the main pyromancy teacher.

Description: Young, mid-20's, wears a red robe with flames on it, red hair curved to look like a single flame.

Personality: tends to accidently set things on fire, good-humored, doesnt like being talked back to, can turn you into a floating ball of fire in a heartbeat if you get on her bad side

Mr. Rivers

Gender: Male

Specialty: Thaugmaturgy, the main Thaugmaturgy teacher.

Description: middle aged, brown/grey waby hair, a blue silk robe enchanted to look as if a live river is running through it.

Personality: Calm, serene, patient, slightly humorous.

Ms. Aticolma

Gender: Female

Specialty: Necromancy

Description: young looking, long black hair, black spidersilk robe, a wand made of animal bones.

Personality: humorous, loves her students, dislikes pyromancy and theugistry students.

Mr. Orion

Gender: Male

Specialty: Divination

Description: old, gray/white hair, a big monocle on right eye, white cloth robe.

Personality: no nonsense, expects students to go by the book, usually the one who gives the most detentions

Mr. Drake

Gender: Male

Specialty: Conjuration

Description: tall, bald, wears a yellow silken robe

Personality: loves research, loves books, and loves quiet.

More coming soon!

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