• Ming the Japanese Fox

    Mutant High

    February 25, 2011 by Ming the Japanese Fox

    This is an RPG where you are a fresman, who just happens to be a mutant, at Mutant High School. This RPG will contain everything a regular high school has, jocks, nerds, weirdos, boring teachers, fun teachers, and of course, bullies, and others I cant quite think of right now.

    Follow the protocol

    No invincibility, you may be a mutant, but there are restrictions

    Put your character on my talk page please

    Put your character bio in this format






    Under Construction

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  • Ming the Japanese Fox

    Welcome to my first Adviction Wiki RPG, I hope you like it and it does not bore you to death..

    Follow the Protocol

    No casting spells on eachother unless you want to end up in the Dark Forest, unless you choose to duel in the Batlle Arena, in which case, a professor or Madame Willow must be present.

    you must be a regular human, and maybe even a regular human name.

    Have fun!

    Characters MUST be posted on my talk page, if you do not follow this rule, you will be turned into a ferret

    No using magic to cheat in class, doing so will get you thrown in the Dark Forest for the night.

    Any questions, please report them to Madame Willow's office, (My talk page)

    Specialties are the kinds of magic you can pick from, you may only choose one.

    Pyromancy - Fire Magic …

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