The time is in the later days of the cold war, the US and USSR are at the end of their chains and you are a spy with the knowledge of gold hidden within the Berlin wall. Will you befriend your enemies, will you give up vital information for the gold? You choose in my very first RPG.


1. No firefights, as in gun battles. This is international espionage after all and we don't want to draw attention. Maybe a quick pistol fight or use of gadgets will be fine.

2.Don't just run for the gold. Develop the story.

3.All the common rules set up at this wiki.

4.Try not to kill someone, allow them a way out at the last second. Unless of course they say so.

Character creation sheet








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USA spies

Name:James Ceader


Weapons/gadgets: .44 magnum, Triggered explosives, small blade, shoe knife.

Clothing/appearance: Tux (what else) black jumpsuit when on covert

Personality: slightly paranoid, chivalric and proud.

History: One of the first to discover the gold. His arch enemy is Timur Borkachov. He would give his life for America

Name: Erika Machek

Gender: Female

Weapons/gadgets: An assortment of knives hidden about her person, a silenced pistol, a GPS

Clothing/appearance: Black business casual when on covert

Personality: can be impudent and sarcastic, grim, has a strange sense of humor and loves being in dangerous situations

History: A relative rookie. Was informed of the gold by a colleague. Has been known to switch allegiances, but follows orders

USSR spies

Name: Illyana Stevanolovic "Codename: Scarlet"

Gender: Female

Weapons/gadgets: 2 silienced makarov pistols, a heat signature GPS

Clothing/appearance: black jumpsuit when on covert, silver jumpsuit when not, red long hair.

Personality: sometimes serious, sometimes funny.

History: one of the newest female spies, one of the first USSR spies to find out about the gold



Weapons: His minions do the fighting for him

Personality Evil

History: Evil

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