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  • Lordsunflash

    Fit To Live

    May 19, 2011 by Lordsunflash

    Palagus lay face down in the cold sand, the waves brushing by his feet. As he slowly came back to his senses he found nearly every muscle in his body aching from the ordeal. Once he was able to regain a bit of his strength he opened his eyes in anguish to find them covered in sea salt. He brushed a paw over his eyes and opened them once more to be enveloped in light. But this slowly faded to reveal the scene around him. He was lying on some unrecognizable beach, the remnants of his ship scattered around him. With great effort he lifted himself from the ground, his muscles crying out in pain from the exertion. When he came to his feet the carnage of the wreck struck him. The bodies of his friends and crew were scattered across the beach. Fl…

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  • Lordsunflash

    The Gold of Berlin

    February 23, 2011 by Lordsunflash

    The time is in the later days of the cold war, the US and USSR are at the end of their chains and you are a spy with the knowledge of gold hidden within the Berlin wall. Will you befriend your enemies, will you give up vital information for the gold? You choose in my very first RPG.

    1. No firefights, as in gun battles. This is international espionage after all and we don't want to draw attention. Maybe a quick pistol fight or use of gadgets will be fine.

    2.Don't just run for the gold. Develop the story.

    3.All the common rules set up at this wiki.

    4.Try not to kill someone, allow them a way out at the last second. Unless of course they say so.








    Just post this on my talk p…

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