Characters owned by Users

Trebor Yaw N'ud, Sha'amshii: Young Buck son of the Wild, Der: Fiery, Elite Warrior

Ireh Yaw Srimsh, Khanirmo: Rock son of the Sea, Guardian

Yimm'j Yaw Swerdna, Sha'amshii Fighter son of the Sword, Elite Warrior

Y'lim'e Nawa Sa'dras, Aramshay: White Leaved Tree daughter of Wise Elm, Warrioress

Jade - Mar'kiv Yaw Z'arihs, Khrilliar: Brave-hearted son of Wing Assassin, King

Silver - Cir'e Yaw Enirhs, Sha'aramshii:White Bow son of the Prince, Elite Warrior

Armel - Ad'nerb Nawa Rewohn'esie, Arihs: Hidden Fang daughter of Renowned Mercenary, Assassin

Barty - B'ob Yaw Dr'ennel, Arihs: Silver Stag son of Sharp Eyes, Assassin

Neil - Sema'j Yaw K'colc, Amshii: Hunter son of Panther(literally Big Cat), Warrior

MentalZ - Htebcam Yaw F'filcnevar,

Silver - Jeff Haul, assassin

Silver - Adrene Shale. Adventurer. Female

Vesper - Mattie Fairlight, Queen


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