I woke to darkness.

My eyes flickered open.

Total darkness.

I tried to remember the last thing that had happened before this darkness. I could remember nothing, though I knew there had been something before. Something that flitted just outside my awareness.

I rolled over off of whatever I was lying on and found empty space. Only for a second or two. I landed with a thump! Checking each bone carefully, I found that none were broken in my fall and rose to my feet. The spot I had landed was covered in what I took to be moss. I stopped for a second. Moss? What is moss? Eagerly I began again to search my mind for any other memories of my past life, for I was sure now that I'd had an existence before this.

A flash of memory passed through my mind, sunlight filtering through soft foliage and a cool breeze on my face. I mentally clutched at the image but it slipped my mind like a vapor. It was then I saw what had brought the memory on; a thin shimmer of light that had been gradually getting brighter. Now I could see my world somewhat. I was in a forest of tall, moss covered trees. The spot I fell from was a think overhanging branch. The forest floor was covered in a thick mossy mat with clumps of various many hued flowers here and there. As I looked at my surroundings, I realized I was on a sort of path and the light was coming through the opening in the trees above me.