Lathagarr Stormgale of Tronn

aka of the Woodarch Vale

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  • I live in The Land Of Redwall Past
  • My occupation is Hammerweilder
  • I am an Otter
  • Lathagarr Stormgale of Tronn

    Eodric Firestrong Heh...

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  • Lathagarr Stormgale of Tronn

    During the Civil War, many families left the South, going west to escape the devastation of the War. The two families, Heron and McElroy were but a couple of these. Mrs. Heron and the widow McElroy were cousins whose Kentucky farms had been burned by the Yankees. Mrs. Heron had a brother in law in Texas. So, taking her two children, her sister's orphaned girl and her drunkard husband with her, she invited her cousin and her boy to come along. They set out in the middle of April and hit thunderheads nearing Kansas which held them back a week. Finally, the sun came out and they headed into Kansas.

    The sun was beating down overhead when they stopped by a shallow stream and let the old mule and widow McElroy's nag have a drink. The two older bo…

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  • Lathagarr Stormgale of Tronn

    I woke to darkness.

    My eyes flickered open.

    Total darkness.

    I tried to remember the last thing that had happened before this darkness. I could remember nothing, though I knew there had been something before. Something that flitted just outside my awareness.

    I rolled over off of whatever I was lying on and found empty space. Only for a second or two. I landed with a thump! Checking each bone carefully, I found that none were broken in my fall and rose to my feet. The spot I had landed was covered in what I took to be moss. I stopped for a second. Moss? What is moss? Eagerly I began again to search my mind for any other memories of my past life, for I was sure now that I'd had an existence before this.

    A flash of memory passed through my mind, su…

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  • Lathagarr Stormgale of Tronn

    Trebor Yaw N'ud, Sha'amshii: Young Buck son of the Wild, Der: Fiery, Elite Warrior

    Ireh Yaw Srimsh, Khanirmo: Rock son of the Sea, Guardian

    Yimm'j Yaw Swerdna, Sha'amshii Fighter son of the Sword, Elite Warrior

    Y'lim'e Nawa Sa'dras, Aramshay: White Leaved Tree daughter of Wise Elm, Warrioress

    Jade - Mar'kiv Yaw Z'arihs, Khrilliar: Brave-hearted son of Wing Assassin, King

    Silver - Cir'e Yaw Enirhs, Sha'aramshii:White Bow son of the Prince, Elite Warrior

    Armel - Ad'nerb Nawa Rewohn'esie, Arihs: Hidden Fang daughter of Renowned Mercenary, Assassin

    Barty - B'ob Yaw Dr'ennel, Arihs: Silver Stag son of Sharp Eyes, Assassin

    Neil - Sema'j Yaw K'colc, Amshii: Hunter son of Panther(literally Big Cat), Warrior

    MentalZ - Htebcam Yaw F'filcnevar,

    Silver - Jeff H…

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  • Lathagarr Stormgale of Tronn

    Calanon Kahl-ah-non = Light

    Dûrion Doo-ree-on = Dark One

    Urúvion Oo-roo-vee-on = Fiery


    Handsome Beinion


    Alastor See Alexander


    White Glandur


    Alec See Alexander

    Alex See Alexander


    Defender of men Beriadan



    Wise Idhrenion


    Allen See Alan


    Coral Aerdirnaithon (lit. "sea formation")



    Light-skinned Glanhelmion


    Andre See Andrew


    Manly Suiadan


    Andy See Andrew


    Angel Ainion



    Worthy of praise Valdaglerion


    Anton See Anthony


    Of the army Daugion (lit. "of the soldiers")


    Arno See Arnold


    Power of an eagle Thorontur



    A rock Gondien




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