What is your organization?

The Rules

You can do the following:

1. Make a new organization

2. Join an existing organization

3. Be promoted by the Grandmaster of your organization.

Creating Organizations

The creator of an organization in the Grandmaster (though that title can be changed at will). This person creates positions in their organization that can be filled by users. Users can be in multiple organizations.

Joining Organizations

You simply send a request to the leader or individual the leader has given permission to authorize new recruits to. It's that simple!

What to do in Organizations

Anything. Turf wars with other Organizations, Random Policy, forming countries. The limit is your imagination and 500 character limit on comments. You can have multiple "characters" in multiple organizations. In fact, you ought to have a different name for each.

The Organizations

The Eleventh Circle

  • Grandmaster-Rat'chist (Jasonaut)
  • First Conciliate-vacant
  • Second Conciliate-vacant
  • Third Conciliate-vacant
  • Fourth Conciliate-vacant
  • Fifth Conciliate-vacant
  • Sixth Conciliate-vacant
  • Seventh Conciliate-Bluestripe the Wild

The Users


  • Rat'chist, Grandmaster of The Eleventh Circle

Bluestripe the Wild

  • Bluestripe, Seventh Conciliate of the Eleventh Circle

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