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and yet another RPG! hopefully it shant die on me like the last few have.

It's basiacly the general Wolf Pack idea. there are ranks, rules, and duties to be carryed out. just make a wolf, and begin!


the clearing between the hill and the trees is where our camp is.


the new camp that they move to later


the whole point of this is to be a team. you are permitted to have a mate and pups, however, no creepiness going on, alright?

The hunter/Warriors will go out and patrol for signs of rival clans or go hunting.

Mothers attend to the Pups

Pups and elders have no duties, and the fun thing about being an elder is you can be crabby and no one is allowed to bad mouth or talk back to you ~.^

Healers attend to the sick, and to the mothers and elders.

No killing someone from your clan

No Swearing

This isn't anthro, so we don't stand on our hind legs. if you have a weapon, you carry it in your mouth.

you can have clothes (such as hats rings necklaces and scarves)

there can be mingling. if you want, you may be a dog or a fox.


Cheiftan: (Taken by Silver)

Cheiftess: (Taken by FM *Kinda*)

Healer: 3 (taken by FM, Dewface, and Ming)

Hunter and Warrior: no limit

Elders: 5 (One taken by martin2)

Pups: no Limit

Mothers: 7 (One taken by Dewface)


Bluestripe. Cheif A large dark brown male wolf with a horizontal scar under his right eye and a gash on his side.

Ferretmaiden: Foxglove Moonhealer. a blind albino fox/wolf. is white with black ear and tail tips, and the ridge of her nose is also black as is her left front paw. she was born blind, and was made a healer. her father was a dire wolf and her mother was an albino fox. because of this, Foxglove is considerably smaller and more petite than the other wolves. she is very long legged, and unlike other wolves, her paws are small and dainty. she is long and slender, but lithe and muscular, built for speed rather than force.

Occupation: Healer


Theme Songs: [Broken by Seether]... [Crying Soul by Dj Splash]... [Unbreakable by Fireflight]... [That's What You Get by Paramore]... [Mystery of You by Red]

Silverfalcon. Dawnharrow A large male wolf. He is white with black on his had and back(like the Wolf in Silver's Avatar). He has three claw scars on his left hind haunch and two blade scars in his right



Pups:None ATM

Jadefang. Faolan A strong, somewhat large male wolf. When he was young he learned how to walk on his hind legs for a short time, taught by his adopted mother Thunderheart (suprisingly a grizzly bear). His front left paw is slightly splayed apart, and a dark spiral birthmark is on it; because of this, he was known as a malcadh (a deformed wolf) and was kicked out of his old clan.

Occupation: Hunter

Mate: None

Dewface Ahhara A motherly wolf, when she was born her fur color was silver, and has been silver ever since, she also has violet eyes. She dose not have a mate but she seeks out the cheftens company. Very protectve of the cubs. Has some skill of a healer. unusually bushy tail which she takes much pride in. Sometimes she will hunt if she has nothing to do.

Occupation: Not at the moment

Mate: Cheif

Ming Leafstorm a small-built femal grey wolf cub with a love for herbs, Was born into the clan from a warrior and a mother who died at pupbirth, her father died when she was very young, she greatly admires Foxglove and would love to be a medicine wolf, one of the oldest pups, usually keeps to herself, very attentive when asked

Occupation: Assistant healer

Skalarana Darkpaws a Female Pup with A Small body, white but with black socks, her ear tips are black and the left one has a small piece taken from it.

Occupation: Pup

Gandr Raven Slightly smaller than average male wolf with black fur, but dark reddish face and paws. Likes to fight. Not origionaly from clan, just showed up one spring and asked to join.

Occupation: Warrior/hunter

Vermin King Shadowfang

Gender: Male

Occupation: Oldest Warrior. He is the youngest elder and the oldest warrior

Description: Large wolf with bright eyes. His coat is black with a few spots of gray in it.

Vivian Asphodel

Gender: Female

Breed: Arctic Wolf

Age:2 years

Appearance: Pure white fur, sparkling emerald-green eyes, faint silvering on muzzle, eartips, paws, tail and shoulders. Nothing is known about her background

Mate: none ATM

Pup(s): none ATM

Father: Highruler

Mother: Greatqueen

Occupation:? she just arrived

Lathagarr Rhiamkiir (meaning: Dark, Mysterious, Unknown)


Breed: Timber Wolf

Age:3 1/2 years

Appearance:Jetblack fur tipped with silver, blazing orange eyes

Mate: none ATM

Pup(s): none ATM




Martin2 Greffin:

Gender: Male

Breed: Red Wolf

Age: 7 years

Occupation: Old Dude

Description: Slightly insane, but surprisingly awesome at times. No one really knows where he came from, he's just sort of been there. FOREVER. He won't die. That wouldn't be his style.

As the only Red Wolf (apparently), he has red fur. Actually, it's a red-brown, but who cares?

Missing part of one ear, besides that he's in fine physical condition (minus being ooooollld...)


Ahhara and the pups