I'm starting a journel, because there is no longer a shoutbox, and i want to update my firends on certain, unpersonal issues in my life. (my test scores and the number of pets kinda stuff. i'm not telling you the names of my firends outside the internet or my adress or anyhting)

Feb. 17?

Okay, so far i'm pretty ticked off right now. a user (i won't say thier name) has been getting all offended cause i haven't been answering cause my internet security is messing up my laptop. so far, i can only answer some users, and they seem to be taking it personally, and have been making me crawl to them for forgiveness for the past two weeks. well, i'm not gonna come to them with my tail inbetween my legs any more, i've had enough. if they get upset for a petty thing such as unanswered messages, and start making me feel guilty for somehting that isn't my fault, then i don't see the point in being their friend at the moment.

could you christians out there help me deal with this? please.

another thing: i'm planning on starting a comic once i learn how!!! 8X

i've been watching an anime called shuga chara, and i loves it! Otterwarrior was the one who originally told me about it, so, kudos to her! (throws chewy granola bar at her)-- FerretmaidenMeeks new RAWR! I'm An Artist! Fear Me! 02:29, February 18, 2011 (UTC)

Feb. 24.

my ipod has been kinda blah right now. any song sugesstions? i like techno, and rock music. so, if you guys know a cool song, thats appropriate, tell me please.

March 25.

so,i've been feeling bad lately. i can't draw right, and i'm sunk on ideas for RPG's that won't die. plus i don't get the thrill i used to get when i created a new redwall character. all my fanfiction stories are the same =P i feel like i've been recycled several times and now i've been stretched to thin.

March 31.

i've been watching these shows and i htink you guys should too.


Legend of the seeker


V (the original 1980's version)

i've also been watching the music video. it's called Alice Of Human Sacrifice, and it is BEAST!!!! ^^

June 25.

i just found an awesome new anime called Boys over Flowers XD it's awesome, and it's even older than sailor moon. other than that... nothing exciting.

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