aka Feon Nicks

  • I live in The TWilight Zone
  • I was born on April 28
  • My occupation is Writer and Artist
  • I am Beowolf!!!
  • Ferretmaiden


    March 4, 2011 by Ferretmaiden

    for those who read warriors, this is where you're a loner, or a Bloodclan warrior.

    Ferretmaiden: Howl. tan tabby with black stripes. son of Tigerstar and Leopardstar. green eyes. -- Ferretmaiden RAWR! I'm An Artist! Fear Me! 03:10, March 4, 2011 (UTC)

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  • Ferretmaiden

    if you've watched all 3 seasons of WSD series on youtube, you should understand how to play this. and if you've read the book or watched the movie, that'll work too. i guess. though the characters i'm using are based more from the series than anything else.

    you're a rabbit either in watership down, or a wanderer (i forgot the lapine word for it) and woundwort is threatening the warrens form his throne in efrafra.

    Ferretmaiden: Songbird. (Lapine: Heindro) Silverweeds little sister. blueish grey coloring with white markings. has a torn ear from a weasel who attacked her.

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  • Ferretmaiden

    My Journal

    February 18, 2011 by Ferretmaiden

    I'm starting a journel, because there is no longer a shoutbox, and i want to update my firends on certain, unpersonal issues in my life. (my test scores and the number of pets kinda stuff. i'm not telling you the names of my firends outside the internet or my adress or anyhting)

    Feb. 17?

    Okay, so far i'm pretty ticked off right now. a user (i won't say thier name) has been getting all offended cause i haven't been answering cause my internet security is messing up my laptop. so far, i can only answer some users, and they seem to be taking it personally, and have been making me crawl to them for forgiveness for the past two weeks. well, i'm not gonna come to them with my tail inbetween my legs any more, i've had enough. if they get upset for …

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  • Ferretmaiden

    The Anime You

    January 21, 2011 by Ferretmaiden

    Hey, i just came up with this. it's a blog where you can tell each other about yourself, and add an anime picture! if you're a blonde guy, look up "Anime Blond Guy" and find the pic that most looks like you. if you're not sure what your supposed to do, just look at mine. if you want to put yours on your userpage as well as on here. but it has to be on here!

    Favorite past Time: Sketching, reading, Imagining characters dancing to music she's listening too, and coming up with theme songs for her characters and writing

    Favorite Subjects: Lord Of The Rings. Critical Thinking

    Interests: Wants to be a writer when she gets out of college.

    Looking for in a guy: Class, Intelligence, Christian beliefs, and a sense of humor. (Tends to have an attraction to C…

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  • Ferretmaiden

    Wolf Pack

    January 21, 2011 by Ferretmaiden

    Nya Nya~! ^^

    and yet another RPG! hopefully it shant die on me like the last few have.

    It's basiacly the general Wolf Pack idea. there are ranks, rules, and duties to be carryed out. just make a wolf, and begin!

    the whole point of this is to be a team. you are permitted to have a mate and pups, however, no creepiness going on, alright?

    The hunter/Warriors will go out and patrol for signs of rival clans or go hunting.

    Mothers attend to the Pups

    Pups and elders have no duties, and the fun thing about being an elder is you can be crabby and no one is allowed to bad mouth or talk back to you ~.^

    Healers attend to the sick, and to the mothers and elders.

    No killing someone from your clan

    No Swearing

    This isn't anthro, so we don't stand on our hind legs. …

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