• Falkirk Mormont

    Elderslie, Scotland, 1286

    A twelve-year-old boy was out fishing when he saw the men in red surcoats and chainmail walk by. His catch was full and he was packing his line and hooks when the soldiers appeared. They all carried longswords and one had a big helmet on his head that covered his face. It frightened the boy. He saw that man point at him, and he felt tiny. He turned and said with his bravest voice, which was really sounding rather frightened.

    "Can Ah 'elp you, Sirs?"

    The frightening men laughed. The laugh was truly frightening, all of them barking together like some many-headed dog, like ten of the hound that the boy's father kept back in the town. the man in the big helmet walked towards the boy and stared down at him, or at least th…

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