One word before we start

This RP is mainly based on the Videogame Diablo II. All rights on places and chars I use from there are copyrighted to Blizzard. I will control everything except for your chars. You can do what you want but you must be ready to deal with the consequences.


No insulting of fellow players.

No beasts which are bigger then a wolf.

No modern weapons. That includes every kind of firearms and grenades.

No invincibilty...when you make a mistake I will kill you.

No invisibilty.

About magic

There are three schools of magic in this world. The school of elements, The school of Light and the school of Darkness. Your char can only have knowledge about ONE school. You can cast magic while carrying armor but it will cost your char much more energy so you can't cast as much spells as a mage who only wears a Cloak.

School of Elements: This school enables your char to control the four elements Air, Fire,Earth and Water. While Earth and Water are more protective elements Fire and Air are the destructive parts. An Elementar Mage is only able to handle two of the Elements. So choose wisely.

School of Light: The school of Light concentrates on healing and strengthen of the allies of the mage. Healing spells are also a mighty weapon against undead. This school can not be handled by vermin beasts.

School of Darkness: Sometimes you have to fight fire with fire. The School of Darkness concentrates on the weaking of the enemies of the Mage. Curses, life drain and even necromancy are mighty weapons. But might has always a price. This school can not be handled by goodbeasts.

The Story

For hundreds of years has the Order of Zakarum hold the guard over the Dungeons of Hate... The prison of Mephisto, one of the Three great Evils. But now his Brothers have broken the grip of the Order of Zakarum. The armys of hell have been released.Kurast is the only place in the east who still stands against the forces of Darkness. And there in a taverne near the harbor will the quest of a group of beasts begin....beast who have never met before but who will be unit through faith. But will they be able to stop the Three Great Evils? The time will show it...

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