First: Please dont let this die! I have HUGE hopes for this RPG!!!

You are an Indian in the tribe of the firce cougar. You make a chair, choose an occupation, and do your duties according to that occupation. Have fun!


Uhhh, just follow the protocal, k?


Cheif: Bluestripe the Wild

Cheiftess: (free)

Healer: (free. Note: Please no sorcery, it is against my religion. Please.)

Healers apprentice: (free. Note: same as above. ^ thanks!)

Warriors/Hunters: Unlimited

Elders (A.K.A: Bozos-who-sit-around-all-day): Unlimited

Slaves (MUAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!): Unlimited

Other guys/gals: Unlimited

Any questions or suggestions? Just walk over to my Talk Page!!!



Name: Note: This is a sample, not an actual char!!


Weapons: Note: If you have them. You can also be a femail warrior.

Apperance/Clothes: Note: dont forget all the julery!


Owned by:


Name: Whitewater

Gender: Femail

Weapons: a small knife to protect herself with.

Appearance/Clothes: A brown deerpelt dress with bone beeds sewn on it in a pattern of a leaping cougar on the chest, with black beeds on leather strings sewn on the dress from the waist down. She has a white sash she traided for a beedwork basket. and lether moccosens. She has a terquose neclas with three cougar teeth from a cougar she killed, and a purple beed bracelet on her right wrist.

Occupation: Other guy/gal

Owned by: Dewface


Name: Treerider

Gender: Male

Weapons: smalle stone knife, wooden bow and arrows.

Appearance; long black hair, dark brown deerpelt shirt, deerskin pants, leather moccasins, red dye that covers the bottom part of his face, brown eyes, hair in a ponytail that goes to the middle of his back. kind looking face. red bead brecelet on both arms, multicolored multistone necklace.

Ocupation: Hunter

Owned by: Ming

Chief Mighty Eagle

Name: Chief Mighty Eagle

Gender: Male

Weapons: Bow and arrows, dagger, tomahawk, and a hatchet

Apperance/Clothes: A young chief who is fit and healthy. He puts black face paint on under his dark brown eyes and on his upper cheek. Wears a red strip of cloth around his forehead. Usually wears an open buckskin shirt with a leather belt that holds his quiver, knife, and hatchet. Wears brown leather pants and moccasins. Wears a necklace made from various gems.

Occupation: Chief

Owned by: Bluestripe

Bran Riverdiver

Name: Bran Riverdiver


Weapons: Spear, bow and arrow. Uses a tomahawk sometimes. Constantly surprises people with weapons from other tribes.

Appearance/Clothes: Brown eyes, Tan skin, and black hair, always has paint under his eyes. He wears a albone shell with two shells on the palm frond string. Also wears sometimes a Buffalo bone cross, with green and black beads on it. Wears Wildcat fur on front of chest, and coon skin on back. He has a feather. He wears moccasins. And either a loincloth or buckskin pants. Slightly handsome.

Occupation: Hunter

Owned by:Rawfan56


Name: Silenthawk

Gender: Male

Weapons: small stone knife, bow, and arrow

Appearance/Clothes: Blue eyes, tan skin, brownish black hair, has war paint under eyes, wears matching buckskin pants and shirt, wears buffalo skin on front of chest

Occupation: Warrior and healer

Owned by: Moodle


Name: Guarding Wolf(just Wolf for short)

Gender: Male

Weapons: Bow, arrows(of course). He carries two knives in his boots and two clubs on his back beneath the quiver and bow. tomohawks lining his belt, and finally a spear.

Appearance/Clothes: Tall, dark haired, darkish skinned, has a few scars on his arms and his chest. is considered one of the more good looking, but ignores this. He has ocean blue eyes. When not fighting, hunting or training he wears buckskin pants, boots and shirt. When fighting or training he still wears the pants and boots. When hunting he only wears the pants. He also has nearly all the traditional jewelry, typically turquoise. His warpaint is put on in the likeness of a wolf.

Other things: Horse(If correct time period, if this is before they caught horses, then no horse). Has a few pets. A hawk and timber Wolf, which aid him in hunting, the Wolf sometimes aids him in fighting

Occupation: Hunter and Warrior

Owned by: Silver

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