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  • I live in your mind.
  • I was born on December 2
  • My occupation is online -for a little bit :P
  • I am female
  • Dewface


    February 26, 2011 by Dewface


    First: Please dont let this die! I have HUGE hopes for this RPG!!!

    You are an Indian in the tribe of the firce cougar. You make a chair, choose an occupation, and do your duties according to that occupation. Have fun!

    Uhhh, just follow the protocal, k?

    Cheif: Bluestripe the Wild

    Cheiftess: (free)

    Healer: (free. Note: Please no sorcery, it is against my religion. Please.)

    Healers apprentice: (free. Note: same as above. ^ thanks!)

    Warriors/Hunters: Unlimited

    Elders (A.K.A: Bozos-who-sit-around-all-day): Unlimited

    Slaves (MUAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!): Unlimited

    Other guys/gals: Unlimited

    Any questions or suggestions? Just walk over to my Talk Page!!!


    Name: Note: This is a sample, not an actual char!!


    Weapons: Note: If you have them. You can als…

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  • Dewface


    January 23, 2011 by Dewface

    • 1. You can kill other users but "other users" can come back to life whenever they want
    • 2. As long as you sign up, you can pop in and out randomly and say (or do) random things
    • 3. Be cool
    • 4. You cannot insult people
    • 5. Use any objects
    • 6. No swearing
    • 7. Any other things ask me on my talk page or on the comments
    • 8. AND ABOVE ALL....... HAVE FUN!!!!! (your not aloud to not have fun :D)

    Just a little change of rules....

    Sign up under the line


    -Sister Armel







    Objective:Pick a user to dule and fight!!!! (and don't forget to be randome and use randome objects (i.e: Cake, your dirty clothes, your inner weardness or nerdiness)


    Sister Armel

    Maudie Thropple









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