You have recently arrived from across the sea in one of Arundell's many ports during the age of the 5 tribes, when 5 tribes ruled the land and fought across the map. You can choose to explore the world, fight for or against one of these forces, and experience a piece of this land.


1) no invincibility! I think most people understand this. But with that being said you don't have to die.(when fighting someone leave them an out unless they are fine with dying)

2)All the normal rules apply(no swearing, personal insults, etc.)

3)maybe 3 characters max. But in all likelihood this wont be a problem.

4) If you have a character speak a different language(Only partially, you must speak mostly English) please put the translation as such: oui (yes) also try to keep to the more Phonetic languages if you do.

5)Don't kill anyone unless it is with planning and permission.

Character Sheet





Place of Origin: (Where you start in the RPG. Read the below places and their respective ports for where to go)




The 5 Tribes and Arundell

The Herjan

Controlling the northeastern quarter of Arundell and the island of Solace they are much like the Ancient Norse with a similar mythology and warrior culture. Their capital is in the mountain city of Greimvald and the main port at the island of Solace, which is the largest city in all of Arundell.

They are Vermin

The Praetorians

Controlling most of west Arundell the Praetorians are much like Rome with a large military force and a segment of the government devoted to research and intelligence. Their capital and main port is the City of Blackedge which is nestled in a bay surrounded by mountains on the northern coast with a large mining operation going into the mountains

The Praetorians do not care for species and both kinds can be found within their borders unpersecuted

The Draia

Swamp creatures of the southwestern swamps the Draia are superstitious creatures with many small villages all throughout the land. They are barely a tribe and more of many clans who are at a truce, but remain isolated in their villages. Their port is in the middle of the swamp, it is named Audeux as most of the residents are Gaulish(French)

They are Woodlanders

The Nasali

Inhabitants of the Central Plains they are mostly woodlanders and good creatures who guard their borders fiercely but within them they live a simple life, keeping only one small port at the mouth of the river flowing through their territory called Brecon.

They are Woodlanders

The Barrani

The creatures of the Barrani Desert who keep mostly to themselves and ride monitor lizards to traverse the blistering hot desert. Due to their nature not much is known of them and they hold no ports due to the desert.

They are vermin

Other Facts

The time is 654 of the Third Age in Arundell. The two previous ages being the time of the Ancients and the Great Crisis. While age of creatures is measured in seasons time overall is measured in years.

The days of the week are different and named as follows: Davnir, Veynir, Thridnir, Salnir, Trenir, Tialnir, and Griemnir. It might not come up often but use this to keep track.

If any additional info is needed ask me and I will clarify it.


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