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  • Corbus

    The 5 Tribes

    March 3, 2012 by Corbus

    You have recently arrived from across the sea in one of Arundell's many ports during the age of the 5 tribes, when 5 tribes ruled the land and fought across the map. You can choose to explore the world, fight for or against one of these forces, and experience a piece of this land.

    1) no invincibility! I think most people understand this. But with that being said you don't have to die.(when fighting someone leave them an out unless they are fine with dying)

    2)All the normal rules apply(no swearing, personal insults, etc.)

    3)maybe 3 characters max. But in all likelihood this wont be a problem.

    4) If you have a character speak a different language(Only partially, you must speak mostly English) please put the translation as such: oui (yes) also tr…

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