I have been watching the dog/wolf rpgs and I think there should be a rpg with dogs in the big city. In this rpg, you are a dog. You can be any breed of dog. You can also be a wolf hybrid (I own two wolf hybrids :D). You are part of a pack of dogs in the big city, I'm the leader, Jax.


NO swearing, cursing, racist or adult language or actions!
NO odd colored dogs like green or purle or weird patterns!
That is pretty much it, Have fun!


Joinging, fill in the template below and send it to my TALK PAGE ONLY and I will add you to the pack. You can start rpging only AFTER you have sent your dog to my TALK PAGE thank you!






Clothes: only collars and other stuff people put on them, this is a realistic rpg except that the dogs can talk to each other and some of them understand human language.


Rank: Leaders mate, second in command etc...

my pack

Leader: Me, Jax the dobermann mastiff

Leaders mate: open

second in command: open

Scout: 3/3 open

hunter: open(there is no limit on the number of hunters)


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