The Chicken was the important thing.. Lance got it, but at what cost? Perhaps The Bears were hoping we'd get it first, since it's easier to take from one of us, than the temple of flavor...

Zeke sat on his couch, staring blankly at his computer. Notes sat scattered on his lap. The other man in the room, Lance, was simply watching T.V and sitting on another couch. Zeke was lightly tanned, wore a black "Greek Fire" T-shirt, and a black leather jacket. He had blue jeans, and combat boots. He had black hair, and brown eyes that brimmed with knowledge. Lance, was slightly less tanned, had blue eyes, brown hair, wore a simple black t-shirt, with a black jacket over it, and blue jeans. But, Lance had a glock strapped to his right hip, and knife on his left. A chicken sat in a single seat.

"Found it." Zeke's voice sounded, and Lance paused the T.V.

"What?" Lance said, annoyed his T.V. was being interupted.

Zeke smiled briefly "Google Earth. I found the Headquarters."

This seemed to make Lance care more, and he switched off the T.V. "What's that?" He asked.

Zeke looked up, confused. "What's what?"

A scratching sound became audible and then, all the sudden, a fat man, with all red clothes jumped out, and gummy bears descended from hot air balloons, down the chimney, and rallyed. "Oh curses." Lance muttered. Then all Lake of Fire broke loose. Lance screamed at Santa "How dare you join them? I don't believe in you!" Santa, who needed belief, disappeared. Lance drew his glock, and started firing into the gummy bears. "Where the heck did these come from?" Zeke asked. Lance rolled his eyes, and reloaded. "Haribo!" he shouted, then kicked a force of the bears away. Zeke packed his notes and computer into his backpack and shouted above the shooting "Let's go!". Lance ran outside and they boarded their motorcycle. "Give these freakers something to eat." said Lance, and Zeke pressed a red button. Greek fire realeased into Gummy Bear's faces, melting them to puddles.

Chapter Two

"We need more Gas, I think." Zeke said.

Lance shrugged. "Pull over to that station. They're way behind." Zeke wasn't so sure, but he pulled over and got off the bike. Entering the store casually, he went to get something to drink. Lance, sat and watched the people, who were getting nervous from the gun. Zeke came up, with his hands full of food and such, and saw that the man in the register, was eating Gummy Bears.

"Your..Eating Gummy Bears?" Zeke stuttered.

The man from the cash register, who's name read "John" shrugged. "Yeah.."

Zeke and Lance exchanged glances. Zeke smiled. "You..Then, are alive.. Are you immune?"

John laughed, "Immune to Gummy bears?"


"Makes no sense." He chuckled again and bent to get another pack of Gummies.

"Perhaps I should start at the beggining." Zeke said "Around a year ago, Haribo did something to gummies. Made them bad for humans. They could take over bodies, kill you, and they are dangerous. Now, the gummies are produced by millions, and are arming up against humans. You might be immune, since most people who eat gummies turn into zombies. Or worse... Die."

John's eyes widened "Woaaaaaaaah! How can you prove this?"he

'Zeke pointed at the horizon, where three hundred gummie bears were running. "

"I believe, lets please go." John ran outside.

John's car was cranked up, but like, what the heck? You have a freaking '67 cadillac, yet... you work at a loser gas station.