Eodric Firestrong

Gender: Male

Personality: Pleasant, quick to laugh and find the good out of every situation. A peacemaker, he's usually able to settle disputes. People go to him for an unbiased opinion.

Age: 39 years

Race: Highland Dwarf

Height: 4' 11"

Weight: 125 lbs

Build: Powerfully built; barrel-chested and sinewy

Overall health: Very good

Strength: Moderately strong

Agility: Fair

Speed: Fair

Dexterity: Good

Intellect: Average

Skill(s): Smithing, jewelry making

Complexion: Dark tan

Hair color: Black with silver streaks at the temples

Hair style: Long, thick and wild

Face shape: Angular

Facial hair color: Black with one silver streak on the left side of his chin

Facial hair style: Long, thick, full beard

Eye color: Grey

Eye shape: Level and somewhat narrow, set about one and a half inches apart

Weapon of choice: Longbow

Occupation: Smith, Jeweler

Rank:Means: Well-to-do

Dwelling place: Leddelhaffen on the southeast coast of Crea

Birthplace: Stongrad in the northeast of Stagrack

Date of birth: May, 17th

Father: Glinnel Brodhammer

Mother: Lithiel Vord Kruvell

Sibling(s): Berak the Small (younger brother, 27, married), Ciliense Fdwenvord (younger sister, 33, married)

Spouse: Gredda Longfallow, 41

Children: Trea (daughter, 19), Tweev (son, 15), Tork (son, 12), Targryn (son, 8)

Family: Norfth Regen (uncle), Dallow Brodhammer (uncle), Aylx (nephew, 2), Maris (niece, 4)

Friends: Lyud Merfen 38 (friend since boyhood), Braffen Axebane, Milliddy Kruvell, Greggin Warfew

Other relationships: Branner Hammerforge (mentor)

Relationship status: Married

Backstory: Born to Glinnel Brodhammer and Lithiel Vord Kruvell, he grew up in the mountain city of Stongrad, in northeastern Stagrack. At nearly nineteen, he fell in love with twenty-one year old Gredda Longfallow, and they were married a few months later. He apprenticed under the master smith, Branner Hammerforge, then set up shop in Stongrad a few years. When he was twenty-three, he decided to head out and make a new start. He had long wished to see more of the world, and had heard wondrous tales of the seaside towns and ports of Crea. Unlike most dwarves, he didn't care for life in the mountain, and longed for the sea. Bidding farewell to his parents, he and his family moved to Leddelhaffen, a coastal town in Crea. He set up business there, and did well. He and his wife had four children: Trea, born in Stongrad, Tweev, also born in Stongrad, Tork and Targryn, both born in Crea.